Barons of Battlefield Park

♦ Founded: February 7th, 1995
♦ Original Name: Ring of the 2nd
♦ Original Baron: Siera Redwin
♦ Manor Home: Haunted Armory   (map)
♦ Squire Weapon: Blue Spear

Reign Summaries

Duelist Name Dates of Reign Days Held Defenses
Myria Graziano 2023-04-28 - Present 388 2
Amaris 2022-08-07 - 2023-04-28 264 0
Hye-jin Ri 2022-05-04 - 2022-08-07 95 0
Salvador Delahada 2022-02-27 - 2022-05-04 66 0
Karma Armstrong 2021-12-18 - 2022-02-27 71 0
(vacant) 2021-11-15 - 2021-12-18 33 0
Anya de la Rose 2021-10-18 - 2021-11-15 28 0
Caleb Feren 2021-06-12 - 2021-10-18 128 0
Matthew Simon 2019-12-18 - 2021-06-12 542 6
Amaris 2019-11-07 - 2019-12-18 41 0
(vacant) 2019-10-26 - 2019-11-07 12 0
Andrea Anderson 2019-09-24 - 2019-10-26 32 0
Nat Candle 2019-06-19 - 2019-09-24 97 1
Mallory Maeda 2018-11-18 - 2019-06-19 213 1
(vacant) 2018-11-01 - 2018-11-18 17 0
Nayun Takamine 2018-05-20 - 2018-11-01 165 0
(vacant) 2018-05-11 - 2018-05-20 9 0
Aludariel Sun'vael 2017-09-29 - 2018-05-11 224 2
Sabine Gabrielle 2016-07-10 - 2017-09-29 446 2
Aya Hayashibara 2016-03-05 - 2016-07-10 127 0
(vacant) 2016-01-01 - 2016-03-05 64 0
Melanie Rostol 2015-12-03 - 2016-01-01 29 0
Kalamere Ar'Din 2015-11-08 - 2015-12-03 25 0
Terry King 2015-10-01 - 2015-11-08 38 0
Rhiannon Brock 2015-05-26 - 2015-10-01 128 0
G'nort Dragoon-Talanador 2015-02-22 - 2015-05-26 93 0
Shadow 2014-06-29 - 2015-02-22 238 1
Teagan Rielea 2014-01-05 - 2014-06-29 175 1
Vanion Shadowcast 2013-11-21 - 2014-01-05 45 1
Matthew Algiers Simon 2011-06-03 - 2013-11-21 902 2
Kalamere Ar'Din 2010-04-28 - 2011-06-03 401 1
Anubis Karos 2010-02-09 - 2010-04-28 78 2
Rena A. Cronin 2009-02-22 - 2010-02-09 352 1
(vacant) 2008-11-12 - 2009-02-22 102 0
Bran Bale 2008-03-20 - 2008-11-12 237 1
Maria Graziano 2007-02-22 - 2008-03-20 392 1
Ekthbjlgke Smith 2006-04-27 - 2007-02-22 301 1
Magnus Eques 2005-09-25 - 2006-04-27 214 0
Arane Ganderfald 2005-04-13 - 2005-09-25 165 0

Myria Graziano     2023-04-28 - Present   ( 388 days )

Amaris' first challenge came from Myria Graziano, the second place finisher of the 2023 Madness Tournament! Myria brought her challenge via the Madness grant. The challenge was fought in a best-of-three format. The first fight was a close, see-saw style battle, that saw Amaris coming out on top, 5-4 in 12 rounds. With one win under her belt, the Baron of Old Temple tried to pick up a second win in the next fight. Continuing her momentum, Amaris leapt out to an early lead, but things quickly tied up and stayed that way until Myria managed to break away to matchpoint. Myria took the second fight 5-3 in 8 rounds. The third and final fight was controlled by Myria the whole way, but Amaris was right there with her, keeping the score close - just never finding a way to break ahead. Myria took the final fight and the barony 5-4 in 7 rounds. Her first time holding the Barony of Battlefield Park, Myria declared loyal! (link)

Myria's next challenge came from a newly returned and eager Mira Burke. The challenge was less than friendly as neither dueler are known for having sparkling personalities. When the two met, Myria opted for a best of three challenge and though there was overtime involved, Myria won in two straight duels. (link)

Rachael Blackthorne brought the first challenge of Myria's reign utilizing the Citadel Grace-Breaker Challenge she picked up in a strong finish in this year's King of the Ring tournament. After selecting a best-of-three format, Myria entered the ring with her trusty rapier, while Rachael wielded a wicked bladed-staff. The first fight was a swift one with Myria picking up the first point and building a stready lead from there. Rachael got on the board in the fourth, but the trade didn't hold Myria back from matchpoint. The Baroness closed in the next round, picking up the first fight in five rounds. The second fight was a more measured fight with Rachael finding her first lead of the night in the seventh round. But it was short-lived as Myria came back to score three consecutive points and grab the final win she needed 5-3 in 10 rounds. (link)

Amaris     2022-08-07 - 2023-04-28   ( 264 days )

It was an early Monday Morning when Amaris walked up to the cork to declare her desire to return to Battlefield Park and to try and snag it from the Baron Hye-jin! Within the week the pair were found in the Arena with quite the chocolatey spread for spectators to enjoy when the took to the ring to decide control of the spooky armory. Deciding to go with a single match, the two entered the ring and started things off with mirrored low movements before Amaris took a slim lead with a high defense against Hye-jin’s double cut. Snagging a full point after that, Amaris held the lead but was unable to score the following two rounds. Round 6 brought Hye-jin onto the board, but Amaris was quick to score with a skilled defense once more on a high cut from the Baron. Things continued with a bit of a back-and-forth sea saw battle until Amaris took a lead of 4.5 to 3 in round 12. Then in lucky round 13, the teenage werewolf closed the match in her favor with a final score of 5.5 to 3 and became Baron of Battlefield Park once again! (link)

Hye-jin Ri     2022-05-04 - 2022-08-07   ( 95 days )

With the rank of Master at Arms, Hye-jin Ri caught the eye of Overlord Pearl Fand Ilnaren with her impressive skills while being a newer duelist to the Arena. Pearl offered Hye-Jin the Overlord Challenge Grant, and it was accepted and used against Renegade Baron Salvador Delahada.

With the odds against her, Hye-jin shocked everyone by jumping out to a commanding lead over one of the more feared duelists in the rings, taking a 4.5-1 lead after 9 rounds. To no one's surprise, Sal would not go down without a fight and clawed his way back to cut the score to 4.5-3, but the final round saw a trade of thrusts which ended the chance of an epic comeback, and Sal would have to say goodbye to some of the ghosts for now, as Hye-jin claimed her first Barony with a 5.5-4 win after 12 rounds. (link)

Salvador Delahada     2022-02-27 - 2022-05-04   ( 66 days )

Karma's first challenge would come by way of Mr. Salvador Delahada. If Sal challenged for the potential blood that would be let, or the beauty that he knew would show... well, who knows, but both showed it! When asked, Karma chose a single match to find out who would hold the Haunts. Knowing Sal, he wanted the most pain he could get in a best of three, but he would just have to settle with the single. And how that single went down, I don't think he minded. The match started with Sal drawing first blood. And then second. And then third. Then in the fourth, he drew fourth blood but Karma drew her own. And that was the start of Karma's blood-letting. She went on to claw it back (literally) and bring it to four all in the ninth. Then in the eleventh, they both let loose to take it to five all. It wasn't until the thirteenth that the final point was accounted for when Sal stopped Karma's low cut, ending the blood and starting the feast. Delahada def. Strawberry, 6 - 5 in 13 rounds.(link)

Karma Armstrong     2021-12-18 - 2022-02-27   ( 71 days )

After Anya abdicated the Barony of Battlefield Park, it sat quietly until the Fall All-Ranks Tournament. This tourney saw seven duelers enter, and they covered the gambit of old and new. It was no secret that Karma Armstrong (soon to be Feren?) had been wanting to hold Battlefield Park, as she had gone after it multiple times. Something about the history, or the ghosts.. or just that it was a great place to throw a party. Either way, Karma was on a mission and she took the night by storm, going undefeated, and walking away at the end of the night with that prized Barony of Battlefield Park. (link)

(vacant)     2021-11-15 - 2021-12-18   ( 33 days )

Anya de la Rose     2021-10-18 - 2021-11-15   ( 28 days )

Sexy ‘Caleb’ Steelsoul's (courtesy of Tippletoe) first challenge came from Bloodbath ‘Anya’ Slayerwife. Whether Anya challenged due to the war of words bounty or not was never brought up. Personally, I think it was because she wanted to play with the ghosts in the Manor. Whatever her motives were, she challenged! After a moment of threatening to test the challenger, Caleb opted for a single duel, as he had done in every defense in the past. Anya took the early half-point lead, but Caleb quickly overcame it and took the lead. Then in round seven, Anya took it back, only for Caleb to tie it up at three in eight. Round nine saw Anya take the lead again, and secured the win with another unanswered point, 5-3 in 11.(link)

For reasons that were not expressed, Anya left the ring tacked on the cork, saying that she was relinquishing the title, but would be back for it. Mysterious. (link)

Caleb Feren     2021-06-12 - 2021-10-18   ( 128 days )

Matt's next challenge came from Caleb Feren. Caleb had twice before stepped in on behalf of challengers to Matt, and this time he took his turn to square off against the Baron. Matt chose a best of three format for the challenge, but even then, the two wasted little time in getting to business. In less than fifteen minutes, two matches had been fought, and they both went to Caleb. Caleb only trailed once during the two duels, and that was the very first round of the very first duel, and never fell behind again in taking a 5-4 victory in 11 rounds for the first duel, and a 5-3 victory in 5 rounds for the second. For the first time in nearly a year and a half, Battlefield Park found itself with a new Baron. (link)

Matthew Simon     2019-12-18 - 2021-06-12   ( 542 days )

A bit past a month into her inaugural Barony Amaris found herself under challenge by Matt Simon for Battlefield Park. The reason being was for Matt to reclaim the foliage about the property. The last time Matt held Battlefield Park his reign lasted just short of two and a half years. Both agreed to meet on Wednesday December 18th to settle the challenge.

On the night of the challenge the Baroness decided upon a best of three format which would go the distance. The first match proved to be the quickest of the three with Matt finding his stride early and securing the bout in an impressive 5-0.5 rout. The second of the bouts proved to be the tumultuous of the trilogy. In 18 grueling rounds Amaris managed to keep the challenger at bay by earning an early lead and weathering the remaining rounds eventually securing a decided 5-3.5 score.

Perhaps both fighters were feeling the fatigue by the time the third match came around as this one was more prompt. The Baroness jumped out of the gate earning herself a 2-0 lead in the duel but soon was picked apart by the challenger. The next 5 rounds saw Matt picking up a clean point in succession until he managed to tie up the challenge in his favor 5-2 in 8. - (link)

Upon receiving her fourth Gladiator Grant from the Winter Dueling House Cup Rachael Blackthorne of House Steel challenged Baron Matt Simon for Battlefield Park. The Baron chose a best of three format for his defense. The challenger took an early lead in the first match but the Baron was able to reverse the momentum and win the duel in 10 rounds by a score of 5-3.5. The second match started vigorously as the first two rounds saw both duelists trade points but the Baron kept the momentum and won the second duel in a shorter 7 round victory of 5-3. - (link)

The second challenge began when Doran Ilnaren, fresh off a recent challenge match as the first squire to test a challenger, challenged the Renegade Baron Matt Simon. The challenge was issued without spite and was carried out as a double header challenge in conjunction with a challenge for Old Market that was occurring coincidentally at the same time. This challenge was fought as a best of three with the challenger taking the first match (5.5-4 in 10 rounds) and the Baron taking the second (5-4 in 10 rounds) and the third (5 - 1.5 in 9 rounds). (link)

Salvador Delahada was the third to issue challenge to Matt. The Baron chose a best of three to defend and seventeen rounds later with a pair of 5-2 victories the Baron had again retained his title for another defense. However, this match did end with a change in number of loyal baronies. After numerous duels between Matt and Lilith in tests of worthiness as a Renegade, the Baron petitioned for loyalty, and was accepted. The change in alignment securing another loyal Baron for the Overlord. (link)

On the month of October, Karma Armstrong was the next to challenge Matt, maybe in hopes for obtaining the haunted armory in time for an unforgettable Halloween party. In contrast to his previous challenges, Matt claimed he was under the weather and allowed the current Overlord Hope Naharis to issue a Test of Worthiness. Karma counted by using her King's Decree and had Warlord Caleb Feren counter. Hope made quick work of Karma's advocate, winning 5-1 in 5 rounds and moving on to face the challenger. In contrast to the fast duel before, Karma and Hope dueled for 17 rounds and traded leads back and forth, but it was the Overlord who eventually landed the winning blow to secure a 6-4.5 victory, and another defense of Battlefield Park. (link)

Newly minted Warlord and Fall Warden of Outlook Haru Jeong wasted no time in challenging as soon as he was able, and he went after the biggest fish in the pond: Matt Simon, the senior Baron with four defenses in his over year-long reign. Choosing a best of three format, Matt wasted no time in schooling the first-time challenger and impressed with a rare perfect victory in a challenge match. Haru fared better in the second duel, getting on the board and taking the lead, but Matt is always a tough opponent, and he eventually tied and overtook the Warlord to win the second match, 5-3. Haru certainly has a bright future ahead of him, but it was not his time yet, and Matt continued his long and successful reign as the Baron of Battlefield Park. (link)

Matt was one of the Loyal Barons challenged on Valentine's Day from a string of challengers who appeared to be looking to overthrow all Loyal Barons in a coordinated attack. Matt's challenge came from a familiar opponent in Anubis Karos, as the two had faced each other in the various dueling venues for nearly 20 years. This was the final challenge to be fought from the many issued that day, and would determine the balance of power in the Arena. Matt was more than up to the task, adding to his impressive reign by defeating the former Overlord in two straight matches, 5 - 3.5 in 11 rounds and then 5 - 1 in 6 rounds. Even after holding the title for over a year, Matt has shown little weakness and that to defeat him, the next challenger has to be at the very top of their game. (link)

Matt's next challenge came from the same challenger as before. Anubis Karos - either in wanting to prove himself to be better than Matt or in really wanting to live in a haunted armory - used his challenge grant which he earned as a second-place finisher in the most recent All-Ranks Tournament. Matt accepted, but when the time came, Matt said that since they had danced this dance before and he had successfully defended, asked Overlord Hope Naharis to test the challenger. Hope agreed, and Anubis quickly paid off Renegade Baron Caleb Feren to intercede on his behalf - a familiar scenario for this Barony. Maybe Caleb's heart wasn't in it, and since he had already been paid, what was there to lose? Hope went on to win 5-1 in 7 rounds, and then denied Caleb's petition for loyalty before moving on to face Anubis. Anubis would not get the chance to face Matt this night, as though he valiantly battled back from an early deficit, he fell to Hope by a score of 5-4 in 9 rounds. This brought the number of defenses for Battlefield Park to seven, though two were thanks to the Overlord. (link)

Matt's next challenge again came from a familiar face. Karma Armstrong came knocking again, looking to prove herself against the best - which one would have little trouble in arguing that Matt fit the bill. This time, however, there was to be no Test of Worthiness, and Matt opted to face Karma in a best of three match. Karma wanted the best, and she got Matt at exactly that. Karma was never able to take a lead in the first match, and her comeback attempt fell short, seeing her drop the duel by a 5-3 score in 9 rounds. Matt was even more dominant in the second duel, and while Karma tied him, again she never had a lead, and Matt secured yet another defense with a 5-2 win in 9 rounds. Again it was made clear, that to defeat Matt for the Barony, it would take a superhuman effort. (link)

Amaris     2019-11-07 - 2019-12-18   ( 41 days )

Amaris made good on Gloria's grant by challenging for Battlefield Park. After some political maneuvering it was decided that Mallory, the at-time Baron of Cadentia, would defend Battlefield Park in the challenge. Mallory drew first blood and held a commanding lead securing match point with a sizable gap. From round 7 onward began one of the more memorable comebacks of recent challenge history. Amaris scraped her way back from a 2.5 point deficit to eventually secure her first Barony. - (link)

(vacant)     2019-10-26 - 2019-11-07   ( 12 days )

Andrea Anderson     2019-09-24 - 2019-10-26   ( 32 days )

While her first attempt at Battlefield Park came in the form of a loss against former Baroness Mallory, her second foray proved different. Andrea fought against Nat Candle in a single match format and after seven rounds claimed the barony for herself with an end score of five to two in her favor. (link)

Andrea retired the Battlefield Park Barony after reading the cork the same day the child duelist Amaris used a grant given to her by Gloria Blaze. Andrea cited that "While I don't care what other parents do with their children, I'm not going to be fighting one." and suggested that the Baron of Cadentia, Mallory Madea, act as the Barons Council champion "since she has some background with teaching and fighting children.". (link)

Nat Candle     2019-06-19 - 2019-09-24   ( 97 days )

Theatrics on full display as Overlord Nat Candle and Battlefield Park Baroness Mallory Maeda met to do battle for the title of Overlord! With the Overlord electing a single duel the match became a close race between the two as they finished the 7th round with a tied score of 4 to 4.. but in the end it would be Mallory who continued the assault and saw herself coming out on top in the 8th -- 5 to 4 in her favor! With Mallory's victory complete it meant that the former Overlord would take on the title Baron of Battlefield Park in her stead. (link)

Dominance would be the word that best described the outcome of Nat's second challenge. Claire Gallows issued challenge to the Baron of Battlefield Park and it was decided in a single duel. Within 7 rounds Nat was able to score four points to zero of Claire's, with two of them coming from defense shattering slashes! It was only until the final round that the challenger gained a single point against Nat with a trade of thrusts, but it was a point too late as it brought her opponent a victorious close to his first defense. (link)

Mallory Maeda     2018-11-18 - 2019-06-19   ( 213 days )

Mallory chose the ring of Battlefield Park as her first place prize in the 2018 Fall Cycle Warlord Tournament (link)

Mallory's first challenge came in the form of an old returning warlord named Evan Rush Rynth. With banners of House Rising and crimson hounds did the two meet.. but it would not be Mallory that the Warlord would face. Overlord Matthew Simon, who helped defend Old Temple the night prior, interceded to test the warlords might to see if he was indeed worthy to clash with Baroness Mallory. In 5 rounds the Overlord gained more than the upperhand with a solid four points against Evan's zero, but that is where the warlord began to fight back; starting with a solid one-two combination of parries followed by a quick step about the Overlords own attempt at defensive play. Spectators wondered if a possible come-back was in the works but Matt put an end to such thoughts by ending the match with a trade of thrusts in the ninth round. Thanks to the intercession Mallory's reign of Battlefield Park continues. (link)

Blood in Battlefield Park. With so much contention in the hallowed halls of the Arena of late, it was almost a breath of fresh air that saw a friendly enough challenging occurring between incumbent Baroness and community darling (as much as one can call a witch a darling!), Mallory Maeda and long time dueling superstar, Andrea Anderson. Looking for a change of pace and lots of open air, the challenge took place in Mallory's own barony, much to the delight of many (unless you don't like ghosts). Electing for a single bout, the Baroness made a strong showing and was set for a dynamic finish, if not for poor timing that saw Andrea gravely injured. In what was clearly an accident, the victorious Baroness and a number of onlookers rushed to the challenger's aid and saw that she was well taken care of. - (link)

(vacant)     2018-11-01 - 2018-11-18   ( 17 days )

Nayun Takamine     2018-05-20 - 2018-11-01   ( 165 days )

The Spring Warlord Tournament saw 3 duelists enter the list and fight in round robin style. Nayun went undefeated as she bested both Jewell Ravenlock and Rachael Blackthorne. As her prize she claimed the vacant ring. (link)

Nayun retired the barony so that it may be placed as a prize in the upcoming 2018 Winter Warlord Tournament (link)

(vacant)     2018-05-11 - 2018-05-20   ( 9 days )

Aludariel Sun'vael     2017-09-29 - 2018-05-11   ( 224 days )

For the Summer Cycle Overlord Grant, Myria named Aludariel as the recipient. Twice. The first time was a little bit too close to the cycle Warlord Tournament, though was a mistake in communication from the assistant coordinator so the right remained in Myria's hands. When My emerged victorious against the winner of the WLT she then re-delivered the grant to Aludariel. The elfess set her sights on Battlefield Park and current baroness, Sabine. The challenge itself was fought in single duel style and saw the challenger at the top of her game. Never allowing Sabine to land a strike, Aludariel scored in 5 of 7 rounds and took the barony 5-0.(link)

With a baron challenge grant from the annual DoS Madness tournament, Gren Blockman was the first to issue challenge to Aludariel. The challenger fought below a grey Perrigan's Rangers banner with a green oak and named Izira Nyte his lady of honor. The lady baroness held to the colors emerald and gold with Kruger and Nikolai Allen beside her. The first was a single duel and ended in a decisive 5-2, 10 round victory for the baroness. (link)

Very quickly after having fended off Gren, Aludariel was again challenged. This time it was by Misery Postu, effectively Overlord E's champion as he'd bestowed the cycle grant upon her. Records do not hold much in the way of details when it comes to the duelist's honors or how the fight proceeded, but it ended in another victory for the baroness. In 10 rounds, the final score was 5.5-3. (link)

Just one day after having defended the title, Aludariel gave it up. Citing a need to return home and familial duties, the baroness gave up the ring and her title in retirement. (link)

Sabine Gabrielle     2016-07-10 - 2017-09-29   ( 446 days )

The face of Baroness Beauty, Sabine needed a new Barony to bolster her claim on the position, or at least that was the word on the streets. She issued challenge to Aya and the pair met in a single duel affair shortly after. The baroness stood below the red and white banner of the Shinmei-Ryu dojo with no declared honorees while the challenger was seconded by Salvador Delahada with a cobalt blue banner and holding Josiah as he lord of honor. The duel began with Aya evading an opening thrust to earn a positional advantage, but it would be the only lead she'd hold on the night. The lead changed in the 3rd as Sabine thrust again and this time found her mark as Aya could not duck out of range. The challenger took two more points in the 4th and 5th to extend the lead to 3-0.5. The pace slackened a bit after than and Aya made a two point run in the 8th and 9th rounds to narrow the gap, but Sabine ended the match with a high cut in the 10th to take a 5-2.5 victory and claim the Battlefield Park ring. (link)

Sabine's first challenge came as a result of the 2016 Trick or Treat Challenges event and was issue by Myu. Sabine was off world at the time of the challenge, presumably something related to Baroness Beauty, but had left instructions with her staff at Battlefield Park to accept any challenges for her. Upon Sabine's return the fight was formally scheduled and called by Kruger as a one shot affair. Sabine fought below a pink and black banner with Sal as her second and honoring Josiah, Cane and Hope. Myu's banner was a black field emblazoned with a white raven. She named Overlord Jewell Ravenlock as second and, interestingly, fought to honor her opponent, Sabine. The duel itself was quick and brutal as Sabine scored 4 points in the first 4 rounds. Myu landed a high cut to get on the board in the 5th, but then Sabine struck with her 3rd successful low cut on the duel in the 6th to bring it to a 5-1 finish. (link)

Ellisa Morgan had abdicated Dragon's Gate and took nearly a year away from the Arena title scene, but when she returned it was Sabine's hold on Battlefield Park that caught her eye. Interestingly, Sabine at this point had held the barony for nearly the same amount of time. The challenge lacked in pre fight drama and happened on schedule two weeks later. The challenger took to the ring with Kruger Allen at her side, serving as both second and lord of honor, while the Baroness named Sal Delahada as second and fought for the honor of Josiah. Both flew black standards, though Ellisa's bore a silver dragon. The nighht belonged to Sabine who scored on the opener with a cut and seized a lead she'd not give up in the 6th by stepping past Ellisa's parry. A trade of cuts in the 10th would seal the 5-4 win and Sabine's second defense. (link)

Aya Hayashibara     2016-03-05 - 2016-07-10   ( 127 days )

The Winter Warlord Tournament of 2016 was attended by 7 warlords. Aya won through in the top bracket while Jewell Ravenlock took the long way around after a loss to Terry King in the 2nd round. Aya won through a single duel final to emerge the tournament champion and took Battlefield Park as her prize. (link)

(vacant)     2016-01-01 - 2016-03-05   ( 64 days )

Melanie Rostol     2015-12-03 - 2016-01-01   ( 29 days )

While Kal's last hold on Battlefield Park had lasted over a year, Melanie Rostol came along to cut this one to less than a month. New arena owner, Rayvinn, had the Arena closed down for construction (link) and the bulk of the RhyDin sporting scene was busy with IFL over in the Garden, so attendence was limitted when Kal and Mel got together. The baron declared a one shot match format and the two put on a extraordinary show for the small crowd. Mel's 3rd round high cut gave her a 3-1 lead, but then Kalamere struck in back to back rounds to even the score by the 6th. A trade of thrusts and two rounds of opposing cuts followed to advance them to 6 each. In the end, Mel proved the craftier of the swordsmen, having set a trap with the three preceding offensives that led the elf to parry in the 10th round and fall victim to the winning slash. In a 7-6 final, Melanie Rostol claimed Battlefield Park as her own. (link)

Melanie's first challenge came from Guaire Bryne, but she never responded to him. The Baron's Council having been dissolved over a year prior, the result of an unanswered challenge was a forfeit of her station and the Senior Baron appointed to champion the ring against Guiare. (link)

Kalamere Ar'Din     2015-11-08 - 2015-12-03   ( 25 days )

When Harris won the Overlordship he declared a bounty on renegade barons. (link) Kalamere was the first to step forward to try and collect, doing so just after Terry had defended against Grace and declared renegade to Harris, but before the official publication. A shady move to claim the bonus in what was, by strict technicality, a renegade challenge queue. Terry chose a single duel as the format and took first blood with a sidestep and counter to open, but let the half-elf back into it the next round with an unfortunately timed duck. After a trade of cuts in the third, Kal took control the rest of the way through and won the barony by score of 5-3 after 7 rounds. (link)

Terry King     2015-10-01 - 2015-11-08   ( 38 days )

The first to challenge Rhiannon, Terry King had been absent from the challenge circuit for a bit. Taking on a baron was her way of getting back into things. The baroness chose to fight the challenge in a best of three when they met and looked to have the first duel in hand after a trade of cuts in the 4th round put her at a 4-3 duel point. Terry landed a thrust in the 5th to even it up however and then took the win with a parry in the round to follow. While duel one was close, duel two was anything but. Having lost none of her skill in the eight months away, the ex-Overlord dominated this challenge the rest of the way through. Rhiannon's only point came in a trade of cuts for the 6th and final round, a point Terry was willing to give up in trade for the win. With a 5-1, 6 round finish Terry claimed Battlefield Park. (link)

Rhiannon Brock     2015-05-26 - 2015-10-01   ( 128 days )

Rhiannon was looking to claim a baron title and had once been squire at Battlefield Park, so called out G'nort to take it as her own. Rhiannon held to a standard of sapphire blue, depicting a rearing unicorn before a tower castle, which this historian will assume to be the standard of House Túr Gairdín. Eregor stood as her second and lord of honor both. G'nort, as always, flew the blue and silver banner of The Company of the Dragon with Mercedes Velasquez as his lady of honor and Arena assistant coordinator, Gabby Alexandros, as his second. G'nort took first blood with a thrust to begin the match and doubled up in the 3rd with a parry and counter. Rhiannon got her feet under her at that point and had the score back to even by the 5th. Tied once more at 4's in the 10th round, Rhiannon proved the better dancer in the 11th, dancing around G's high parry to land the final strike and take the win. (link)

G'nort Dragoon-Talanador     2015-02-22 - 2015-05-26   ( 93 days )

In a two week period following the Winter Cycle Warlord Tournament (though having nothing to do with it) six of the seven baronies fell under challenge. First among them was G'nort. Battlefield Park was one of two baronies he had not held and earning bragging rights being high on G's to-do list, he wanted to be the first to collect the full set of commemorative spoons. Shadow was inclined to give him the opportunity and the event took only 5 days from challenge to ring time. Evenly matched through the early rounds, the pair were tied at 2 after the 6th. In the 8th, however, G'nort began to pull away and in the 10th scored a tricky duck and counter under Shadow's unfortunate high cut. Thus G earned his 12th hold on a barony. (link)

Shadow     2014-06-29 - 2015-02-22   ( 238 days )

Shadow challenged Teagan looking to pick up Battlefield Park, a site he claimed interest in; though the challenger was in truth much better known for his work with orphans than with ghosts. Overlady Morgan le Fay was fond of stepping in on behalf of her loyal barons and did so the night the pair met. Renegade Baroness, Claire Caelum stood for Shadow and met the Overlady in a Right to Challenge fight. Claire took a 5-3 victory in 11 rounds to nullify the test and force the match between Shadow and Teagan. The fight was fast and well matched, the two trading leads and advancing to a 4-4 tie in the 7th. Teagan risked a slash in the 8th and paid for the mistake as Shadow's high cut took the win and claimed him the barony. (link)

Slightly more than a month after having lost the barony to Shadow, Teagan issued challenge to reclaim it. They would meet in a single duel with no Overlord testing; Shadow below a black banner with Peaches named his Lady of Honor and Zack Alcar his second. Teagan again named no honoraries and held to the blue and white standard. As there first challenge had been, so too was this a close contested duel. Tied at 3 after the 6th, 4 after the 7th and 5 after the 10th. Teagan took an edge of a lead with a duck in the 12th to go up 5.5-5, but then it was Shadow's turn once more. The baron took the 13th and 14th rounds to emerge victorious in a 6.5 - 5.5 finish. (link)

Teagan Rielea     2014-01-05 - 2014-06-29   ( 175 days )

Within minutes of besting Gren, Vanion issued challenge to Teagan for the Overlorship. There was some question as to the legality of the challenge, since the defeat of Gren wouldn't be 'official' until posted in the standings, but it was ultimately allowed to continue. They met in a one duel match and Vanion emerged victorious, 5-3 in 10 rounds. As he advanced to the Overlord title, the barony of Battlefield Park was passed to Teagan. (link)

Teagan's first challenge came from Nayun roughly a month after she took over the barony. There was little said between the two renowned ladies of the arena. When they met, the challenge dueled below the clovered corss of Adenna, with no second and Dawn as he lady of honor. For her part, Teagan flew colors of white and blue and held none in her positions of honor. Nayun held a slight edge after the 3rd round after duck a parry to go up 1.5-1, but for the most part the night belong to the baroness. Landing two thrusts and a pair of cuts in the rounds to follow, Teagan took a 5-2.5 win in 10 rounds to retain the ring. (link)

When Overlord Vanion was ruled in forfeit for failing to answer the challenge from Vince Smith (rumor had it he was deceased) a tournament of barons was held to select the next to take the mantle. Teagan was one of the four barons to enter, but was defeated in the first round by Morgan le Fay who ultimately won the mantle. (link)

Next to challenge was Aya Hayashibara. The challenge was accepted and scheduled, then rescheduled at the behest of the challenger. Ultimately, however, Aya decided to rescind the challenge entirely. (link)

Vanion Shadowcast     2013-11-21 - 2014-01-05   ( 45 days )

Vanion was awarded an intercession free challenge via the Swordstober Swordsabration event of 2013. (link) He would use this grant to go after Matt Simon who, in over two years holding Battlefield Park, had only once needed to defend it without the benefit of Overlord assistance. The baron elected to fight in best of three format and secured the first duel in a closely fought 5-4 finish. Despite Matt's prowess, Vanion was the more experienced swordsman and used that to his advantage in the two duels to follow. He won the second 5-2 in 13 rounds to even the series, then took the 3rd 5-4 in the 11th. (link)

Gren Blockman received the Overlord's Grant from Teagan Rielea and made challenge to Vanion. Gren claimed to want to protect those citizens of Battlefield Park from the warlock, though Vanion believed who Gren was actually trying to protect was the Overlord, who knew Vanion would be coming for her title now that he'd claimed a barony. Whichever it was would ultimately be moot. They met in a single duel to decide the ring where Vanion largely dominated the fighting. The baron slashed in the 13th to score on Gren as he tried to duck on of the way and took the 5-2 victory. (link)

Matthew Algiers Simon     2011-06-03 - 2013-11-21   ( 902 days )

Kalamere held the title of Baron of Battlefield Park for over a year when Matt Simon, most known for his accomplishments in the Outback, presented his challenge to the Baron due to "Battlefield Park is one of my favorite locations in the city especially since it's served as a second home to the Duel of Fists upon more than one occasion" The acceptance of this challenge was paused due to the previously mentioned issue regarding the challenge from Dyhark, be eventually was fought as a best-of-three series with the Challenger, Simon, emerging victorious in a hard fought battle. (link)

Matt's first challenge came from Roderick Douglas in the Summer months. Since his defeat of Kalamere, Ellisa Morgan had advanced to the Overlordship and held a full council of loyal barons. Prefering it that way, Ellisa was quick to defend her barons and stepped in here with a Test of Worthiness. In a relatively short duel, the Overlord was victorious in a 5-3 finish to keep her loyal baron in place. (link)

The second challenge to Matt's reign came as a result of the 2011 Trick or Treat challenges offered by coordinator G'nort. A commoner at time of challenge, it was Rhiannon Brock who came after Battlefield Park. Matt was still a loyal baron and Ellisa Morgan was still the Overlad, so she once again stepped in on his behalf. While there were renegades in the council at this time, none showed up to press the Right to Challenge. In a 7 round, 5-2, finish Ellisa once more deflected the challenge from Matt. (link)

There was almost a challenge from Mur Ollovan, but between when it was issued and validated, but before it could be fought, Mur lost his Warlord standing and so lost the right to challenge. (link)

Next came Anubis Karos, holding a challenge grant for his performance in the Summer Cycle Warlord tournament (link). As the grant was intercessions free, Matt was at last forced into the ring to defend his title and it turned out he was able to do so just fine. After a 3-3 tie in the 5th, Matt got tricky in the 6th and 7th to score with duck and sidetstep, plus the counterstrike to end this in 5-3 fashion. (link)

Winner of the 2013 Madness Tournament, Aurast Dagger Sasc (link) was award a challenge opportunity and was the next to come after Matt's hold on Battlefield Park. Despite the acclaim of winning this annual tournament, the prize was not intercession free and Overlord Rand alTan stepped in with the Test of Worthiness. With no renegades present, the warlord was left to fend for himself and found the Overlord a bit too much to handle. Overcoming an 0-2 deficit after the second round, Rand scored in 5 of the 6 rounds to follow and won 5-3 and secure Matt's position. (link)

Nayun challenged Matt in the Summer of 2013, interested most in his distinction as Senior Baron. Ellisa Morgan hadretaken the Overlord's crown at this time and Matt was once again aligned loyal. The Overlady stepped on for the Test, with neither of the renegade barons of the time around to assert Nayun's right to challenge. For the first time of his career, Matt found an interceding Overlord bested by the challenger. Trailing in by a narrow margn through most of the fight, the warlord tied the match at 4 in the 8th and ducked Ellisa's parry in the 9th to force the title fight. As with the Overlord before him, Matt led the challenge fight up until the 8th round when Nayun's circular parry deflected his thrust and brought them to a 4-4 tie. Also like the Overlady, Matt risked a blind parry to follow, but it worked out much better for him. Nayun cut high and Matt deflected the strike to take the win and keep his ring. (link)

Kalamere Ar'Din     2010-04-28 - 2011-06-03   ( 401 days )

The intentions of Anubis to hold the mantle yet again were well known around the Arena and it was no surprise that there were challengers lined up to stop him. Former Overlord and legendary veteran Kalamere Ar'din was the next to step up to the plate and issue challenge. Anubis opted for a single match, and after 10 rounds it was Kalamere that found himself a Baron once again, defeating Anubis 5.5-2. (link)

Kalamere was first challenged by Jaycynda Ashelana, however she rescinded challenge. (link)

Challenged next by Dyhark via Overlord Aya Hayashibara's grant. Dyharik failed to appear for the first schedule match and the matter was turned over to the Baron's Council. In a swift and unanimous decision the Council ruled to allow the match to continue with a rescheduled date. On the night of the match they met in a best of three and the challenger took the first duel in a lopsided 5-2 finish. The remaining two duels, however, belonged to the baron. Kalamere followed the first duel loss with 5-1.5 and 5-3 victories to retain the barony. (link)

Anubis Karos     2010-02-09 - 2010-04-28   ( 78 days )

A long string of events transpired in the challenge of Anubis Karos to Rena Cronin. At first, a clerical error caused a delay in the validation of the Warlords challenge, causing it to be validated 8 days after it was issued. It was then decided to be fought 8 days later. At the time of the match, Anubis was leading 2-1.5 in the 5th round of a best-of-three format, when he suddenly disappeared. After a half hour passed, the Baroness was given a choice in the matter. To fight Anubis' second, request a rescheduling, or allow the Barons Council to decide the matter. The Baroness then chose to allow the Barons Council to decide the fate of Anubis.

6 days later, it was announced that the majority of the council voted to have a reschedule of the challenge match, and that it should resume where it left off, with the Warlord leading. Another 8 days later, with no response from the Baroness, Anubis decided to allow the matter to again appear before the Barons council.

7 days later, the Baronial Council decided to set an absolute date, inform the Baroness of her need to be present to defend her title, as well as have an elected champion, this time Maria Graziano, present to defend the Barony should Rena not show. This match was to take place 6 days after the announcement.

The Baroness did not show, but the Challenger and Champion were present to settle the fate of the Barony of Battlefield Park. And in 9 rounds, after taking a 3-1 lead over the Champion, Anubis defeated her by a score of 5-3 to become the new holder of Battlefield Park. (link)

Anubis' first challenge came from Warlord Guill Fortis, whose reasons included the fact that Anubis seemed intending to challenge the Overlord, Ticallion Carter and wished to make sure Anubis would not be able to be Overlord. He also stated that he did not care for the Baron due to his being a slaver, and the Warlord a former slave, for ridiculing him, and mocking a friend. The Baron made every intention to make this defense as violent as he could, and in quick order, defeated the challenger in brutal fashion in two straight matches in a best-of-three format. (link)

Anubis' next challenge came from Warlord Harris D'artanian. In an interesting turn of events, the Baron requested to defend the title in an "Old Fashioned Strap Match." Which is where the two combatants are tied at the wrist by a three foot strap and blades strapped into their hands. Harris agreed to this match style and it was fought in relatively good time. The best-of-three format began with both combatants strapped together and Harris taking the initial point but the defending Baron having little trouble after that in taking the first match by the score of 5.5-3. In the second match, Harris started out very strong, building up a 3-0 lead before allowing the Baron Five unanswered points on route to a 5-4 victory in 9 rounds. This allowed the Baron to defend his title a second time. (link) and (link)

Rena A. Cronin     2009-02-22 - 2010-02-09   ( 352 days )

This ring remained without owner until the 2009 Winter Warlord Tournament, at which time it was awarded to Rena A. Cronin as her second place prize. (link)

Rena's first challenge came from the Summer Cycle's Talon of Redwin holder, Doctor Maranya Tatiana Valkonan. Maranya was awarded the right to challenge as a gift from Madness champion Tormay Eludes. (link) With a slew of challenges going out at this time, and not wishing to overwhelm her first and second choices, Maranya opted for her third and used her grant against the Baroness of Battlefield Park. Choosing a best-of-three format, Rena defeated her challenger 5-1 in the first match and 5.5-4.5 in the second to retain her title. (link)

(vacant)     2008-11-12 - 2009-02-22   ( 102 days )

Bran Bale     2008-03-20 - 2008-11-12   ( 237 days )

Taking offense to a misconception that Maria had claimed he could lick his own eyeball, Warlord Bran Bale was the next to issue challenge to her. Maria quickly accepted and announced that her lord of honor was to be Imp, her second "the baddest rat in all the land -- Napoleon" and that she was predictably enough fighting under the flag of the Wrecking Crew. In her own words: "With a dream team like that, I am already a winner!" Perhaps she should have bit her tongue, because her ego was quickly deflated in ten rounds of a single match when Bran defeated her 5-3. (link)

Leo de Lorenzo was granted the right to challenge as his second place prize in the 2008 Madness Tournament (link), and he chose the Baron of Battlefield Park as his target. However, the challenger was met with an intercession by then Overlord Rakeesh Sah Tarna. Renegade baroness Jaycy Ashleana of Dockside stepped in to fight the Overlord on Leo's behalf. Jaycy bested the Overlord 5-4 in 12 rounds, allowing Leo to press his challenge in a single match to claim the title. However, Bran defeated him 5-1 in 8 rounds to secure his barony. (link)

During the fall cycle of 2008, a great controversy occurred concerning a forfeit in an Overlord challenge. When current Overlord Xeric Mues failed to show for his appointed challenge, the Baronial Council met to determine the fate of the mantle. The Council convened, and shortly thereafter a decisive 4-1 vote, with one no-vote and one blank, determined that a Barons Tournament would be held to decide who would become the next Overlord. (link) Baron Bran Bale of Battlefield Park was among those listed to enter, and came away the victor, abandoning his station in favor of of the Overlord's throne. (link)

Maria Graziano     2007-02-22 - 2008-03-20   ( 392 days )

Cassius was granted the right to decide the format of the match and originally said it would be a best-of-three. However, after asking Maria's opinion, he changed it to a single duel, as was her wish. The Wrecking Crew were known for their inflated egos and gutsy dueling, and when Maria slashed through Cassius' parry to win the match and the Barony, it came as no surprise that she would attempt to end the match with flair. (link)

As the entire council stood renegade to the Overlord, Maria Graziano was the first Baron to step forward and challenge Cletus Ganderfald for the mantle, but she was unable to wrest the title away from him. (link)

As second place winner of the summer 2007 Warlord tournament, Max Blue received the right to challenge a baron of his choosing (link). Stating that a senior Baroness should have at least one defense, Max challenged Maria. In a quick seven round match, Maria defended her right to remain the senior Baron on the council. (link)

Maria's next challenge was set to come from Warlord Vanion Shadowcast, but he withdrew shortly after. (link)

Ekthbjlgke Smith     2006-04-27 - 2007-02-22   ( 301 days )

After Karen Wilder ascended to the throne, she offered Warlord Ethbjlgke Smith the Overlord Grant (link). E used the grant to challenge Magnus who was the brother of the man Karen defeated to claim the throne. In a simple one duel match, E built up an early lead that Magnus did not overcome and after nine rounds, walked away with a five to three victory. (link) As with his brother Cletus, Magnus retired from the rings shortly after the loss.

After Damien Mortis defeated Karen Wilder for the throne, Baron E announced his intent, and then pressed challenge to the new Overlord. Unfortunately, E was unable to defeat Damien. (link)

Damien Mortis' second Overlord Grant Essay Contest was won by Warlord Anjolie Quinn (link). Her prize for submitting the best essay was the Overlord's grant, and she used it to challenge Baron EkthbjIgke. The match was settled in a best-of-three format where Anjolie took the first duel, 5-4 in eight rounds. But E was wise to choose the best-of-three. In the following two matches, E was able to defeat Anjolie 5-2.5 in nine rounds and 5-3 in eleven rounds to retain his title. (link)

Maria Graziano's challenge to EkthbjIgke came as the Wrecking Crew was attempting to win a majority control over the Baron's council. But unfortunately for E, was would not be there to attempt to stop them. After not hearing word from the Baron, he was declared in forfeit and the matter was sent before the Council. They elected to strip E of his ring and appoint Cassius Maximius to defend it against Maria. (link)

Magnus Eques     2005-09-25 - 2006-04-27   ( 214 days )

It was rumored that Battlefield Park had caused strange changes in Baroness Ganderfald. Not long after she took residence there, she had amassed a small army and was conducting raids on various areas throughout the city. During her reign, she claimed direct responsibility for the burning down of the fabled Golden Ivy Tavern. The changes also caused her husband to remove their children from her care and hide them in a secluded area. It was also rumored that former Baron Drachen played a role in her corruption. Thus, it was no surprise when Arane's brother in law, Magnus Eques, challenged her in an attempt to remove her from the park. The match itself lasted only six rounds and resulted in a 5-2 victory for Magnus. However, the evening didn't end after the match was over. It became apparent to those in attendance that the cause of Arane's erratic behavior was a sword planted in the armory of Battlefield Park by Drachen. Following the challenge match, Magnus and Drachen battled over the sword. The night reached its climax when Magnus took possession of the blade and used it to kill Drachen. (link)

Arane Ganderfald     2005-04-13 - 2005-09-25   ( 165 days )

Alais d'Nitesong was the first to issue challenge to Arane. Alais believed that Arane should not be a Baron based on her never achieving the rank of Warlord and acquiring a list of peer wins. However, merely hours after issuing the challenge, Alais withdrew for personal reasons. (link)

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