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Seasoned Adventurer
Nayun Takamine
Custom Title:
Lily of the Valley
Character Race:
Enhanced Human
Her home or dojo, both found bordering the New Haven and Battlefield Park districts.
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
Character Age:
26 (September 15, 1995)
Place of Origin:
Cheston Forest, Outside of Adennian Boundaries. Adopted daughter of Adenna.
Sword Instructor
Nayun stands at five foot one with ink black hair and a light skin tone. Her body, though small, is quite muscular an scarred due to rigorous training. Her most distinguishing feature being her light gold eyes.

Her left arm is not her original. It is a false puppet arm created by a skilled craftsman using magical technology. With runes carved into synthetic bone, along with a magic-based nerve system, it allows storage of mana and other abilities; an example being the ability to grasp hold of ethereal creatures.

The image under Character Portrait is her official Overlord portrait for the Duel of Swords that hangs among the other paintings in the Arena depicting former and current Overlords.

Rings of Honor Titles:
106th Overlord of the Duel of Swords
12th Baron of Dragon's Gate [Duel of Swords]
31st Baron of Dragon's Gate [Duel of Swords]
35th Baron of Dragon's Gate [Duel of Swords]
15th Baron of Old Temple [Duel of Swords]
25th Baron of Old Temple [Duel of Swords]
21st Baron of Battlefield Park [Duel of Swords]
2018 Spring Warlord Tournament Winner
31st Holder of the MoonBeryl Opal (First Double 5-0 in DoF Challenge History) [Duel of Fists]
29th Holder of the IceDancer Opal [Duel of Fists]
38th Holder of the ShadoWeaver Opal [Duel of Fists]
59th Holder of the FireStar Opal [Duel of Fists]
64th Archmage of the Duel of Magic
20th Keeper of Fire [Duel of Magic]
21st Keeper of Air [Duel of Magic]
Ring of Klytus holder (Back to Back / Two Time Holder) [Duel of Magic]
Since she's from a warrior society Nayun was introduced to sword fighting, archery, and hand to hand combat at an early age. Though considered not as important, she has dabbled in magic as well. She is an avid hunter.

Nayun possesses a three tailed kitsune named Yun. It is bound to her as her shikigami (Think: Familiar). Nayun also took the prize of a single-tailed kitsune from the 2015 Duel of Magic Winter All Ranks Tournament. While it is not a shikigami just yet, she will be training for it to become one in the future. Its name is Yon -- named after her deceased sister. At times it takes her place.

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