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Legendary Adventurer
Legendary Adventurer
Andrea Anderson
Custom Title:
Less Than Three
Character Race:
Void-touched Human
Her Twilight Isle home she shares with Lilith.
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
Character Age:
29 Years Old ( April 12th )
Place of Origin:
Small port town called Emerald Bay
Owner of the Triple A Gym, Studying weaponsmith
The name "Apple" came after dying her hair red for the first time in middle school. After a few months of it her friends began to joke about it and throw around names. Apple was the one that stuck. It's a name some know her by, though she has gotten more accustomed to going simply by Andrea over recent years.

Her build is a muscular yet feminine one that stands at a height of 6'1". Her original hair color is a dark brown, but it is kept at a dyed red. Her eyes are green. A touch here and there of cosmetic surgery can be seen. The most notable being her chest and nose.

She also has a tattoo of a star behind her left shoulder. There's a story behind it, but it's an awkward one.

- All Title Holder in Duel of Fists -
The 72nd Diamond
The 81st Diamond
The 90th Diamond
35th holder of the Green Opal, PathFinder
42nd holder of the Green Opal, PathFinder
37st holder of the Yellow Opal, MoonBeryl
41st holder of the Black Opal, ShadoWeaver
33rd holder of the Blue Opal, IceDancer
37th holder of the Blue Opal, IceDancer
45th holder of the Red Opal, FireStar
49th and current holder of the Red Opal, FireStar

- Duel of Magic -
23rd Keeper of Water
29th Keeper of Water
39th Keeper of Earth

- Duel of Swords -
Former Baron of Seaside
Former Baron of New Haven

Hydra Cup 2013 Champion Team Member - Team Beat Down
Hydra Cup 2015 Champion Team Member - Team Fist
Her fighting style varies between Muay Thai and Boxing, depending on how she chooses to fight at the moment. The skill in these styles are shown by her multiple Duel of Fists titles. She's also pretty handy with firearms thanks to her deceased father.

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