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Proven Adventurer
Proven Adventurer
Johnathan Ecorian Havoick
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The IronMan
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Mortal Human
Golden Sun Stables
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Character Portrait
Place of Origin:
Kildare, Georgia, USA
Most notable is about the Southerner is his size. Over six foot in all and topping the scales at 260 pounds plus of hard earned muscle. Striving to make his "Pops" proud Cory signed up for his loacl high school football team. There he went through the grueling process of shaping his body from a mediocre slim teen into the makings of a man. He has brown hair with sun-bleached streaks and fair skin permenately tanned skin. An obvious indication of a life outdoors. Completing the tall, dark and mysterious persona is a pair of eyes the color of dark chocolate. He's been told by many women he has beautiful eyes, why he keeps them concealed within the shadow of his stetson 10 gallon hat... only he knows.
Being a non-native RhyDinian put Cory at a disadvantage. When he arrived in the sprawling city he had little occupational experience aside from working on his father's small farm. Now he found a different use for a youngster of his size. Cory threw himself into the world of prize fighting, taking home a modest earnings fighting for pride and honor. Hailed as a contender in his weight class, but he never got the opportunity to prove his worth. In his first championship bout he suffered an ill-timed knee injury. Months of pyhsical therapy wouldn't undo the damage and he was out of the circuit. Where would he turn to now? He was still barely out of his teens and yet this city, RhyDin, was forcing him to grow up faster than he should. Taking a job as a courier sent him to far off places. Away from where he wanted to, but it paid the bills. Confident she would be vigilant he left behind the woman he loved. Only to return to an empty home. From then on he dedicated his life to work. This continued on until he was left stranded after a job with no means to return to RhyDin. On a small island he was forced to join the crew of a small fishing vessel. Earning his keep on the fierce seas he was rewarded with a free ride back to the place he called home. With little to his name Cory struggled to keep himself sheltered until a promising career with a construction company found him. More hard labor, but it the weathered, aging man was best suited in these tasks. Hard luck always seems to follow the southerner, though. After the company signed it's first contract with an expanding corporation. A particularly seedy corporation at that. His boss was viciously slain by a beast running rampant in the city. It was the same time the femme which had a stranglehold on his heart made an appearance. Now he's last known to be living on her farm, working for an empire she had worked so hard for.

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"I took your guilt and placed it into me..."