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Mart Di'luna
Character Race:
Moon Elf
At a bar near you
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
Art Credits:
Me - WDart
Character Age:
Old, but not too old
Place of Origin:
That place, over yonder
Breaker of barstools
The Barstool Breaker stands at five feet and a shocking three inches. Silvery hair and emerald green eyes make up a pretty, if more often than not smudged with dirt or sand or oil, face that's seen more fights than it lets on.

Fine features make people think he's an Elf. Lithe build makes others agree. They'd be right. Despite his height, he's built strong while looking almost soft. It might even be a glamour.

He has a preference for finery but an overwhelming need for practicality, so he's usually in light fabrics and heavy overclothes. Bangles and bands of precious or conductive metals inlaid with gems and jewels are always on his wrists, arms, neck, and gear.

As the years go by, life makes adjustments for varied professions and instruments of the trade. But Mart always manages to keep himself, seemingly at least, unarmed.
Magic and the mastery therein is his everything. He plays to his strengths, his plays off his sweetness, and he plays tricks from time to time.

He bears the title of the 20th Keeper of Earth.

He is the creator and magical maintenance for the specialized Keeper and Archmage Rings on Twilight Isle.

Expert Hatter & Haberdasher.

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