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Yuzuki Kuwabara
Yuzuki Kuwabara
Character Race:
Kabuki Street School, Brassband Club Room
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
Art Credits:
Yuria Kizaki
Character Age:
18 (2-11-2002)
Place of Origin:
Kabuki Street, Dockside
high school student, delinquent
Yuzuki stands 5'1'', though she often wears platform boots to give another two inches to her height. Her hair and eyes are dark, and though her ancestry is Japanese like many Kabuki Street residents her complexion is a subtle shade darker gold than average even during the winter. Inspired by her leader Asami Ito; she wears her own personalized seifuku uniform in place of the standard KSCS one, as well as her distinctive gold sukajan with the quarter note symbol of the Brassband Club: Rappapa pinned to the collar.
Yuzuki is the surviving younger sister of the late delinquent Lucky Kuwabara. She shares her sister's latent supernatural ability from their family's generations old youkai lineage, but to a lesser degree. While not augmenting her combat ability, her bloodline gives her some ability at illusion magic. She is an accomplished martial artist and fencer, having kept up with lessons in Shorin-ryu karate begun by her late older sister.
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