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Expert Adventurer
Na-rae Takamine
Character Race:
Offices above the Pachinko Palace in Kabuki, at the Arena or Annex.
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
Art Credits:
Kim Lip
Character Age:
22 (Birthday, December 4th)
Place of Origin:
Japan and some time spent in Korea, but had been moved to Rhydin before she turned two.
Vice Captain of Kabuki Street Rengou-kai, Leader of the Kabuki Party Planning Committee, Liaison to Little Korea, and owner of the Arena and Annex
5'4" with almond brown eyes and hair dyed light brown, though some strands toward the tips were kept blonde for flair, usually she prefers being fully blonde. She's usually a shade of darker brown in the hair department, but when you're surrounded by dark browns and blacks it becomes vital to try and stand out. She's got the curves and muscle of a dancer thanks to trying to take after her cousins and can bust a move like the best of them. Formally Cheon Na-rae, now Na-rae Takamine after marriage.
Alright with firearms and blades. She's a born runner though and would rather book it the hell out of a fight unless she has the numbers to back it up. At times when her youkai blood boils she can get a little testy, but thankfully it's diluted enough to not cause too much of an issue unless it's set times of the year.
Character Scene:

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- Na-rae Takamine
Duel of Swords Coordinator