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Mira Burke
Mira Burke
Character Race:
Demon Lord
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
Art Credits:
Character Age:
~140 (appears ~30)
Place of Origin:
New Braemar, Europa, Jupiter... but probably not the one you're thinking of, if you're even familiar with it.
Terrorist? Freedom Fighter? Barista?
Mira Burke was tall-ish for a woman at 5’11”, but if that didn’t catch your eye at first blush, her stark features, implacable wit and charm, mint green eyes, shark-like sharpened smile or ivory horn jutting out of her forehead probably stopped you in your tracks. She was an uncommon beauty, with sun-touched white skin and almost-black hair, intoxicating eyes and prominent nose… and her lips were bewitching, even when she would clap back at the best of them with her razor-sharp repartee.

Her hair - which she had PLENTY of - was down to her lower back and cut into what would be a pretty traditional hime-style… if it weren’t for her hair’s absolute inability to be poker straight. She had a natural wavy/curliness that simply left her with long hair and straight bangs that covered her forehead. Well… minus the start off-white horn, which poked out prominently from the wave of black.

Mira wasn’t heavy set, but certainly wasn’t a rail, with an appealing curviness. She often would be found in clothes that varied from 'pastel goth' to ‘bubblegum grunge’... pastel pinks and purples and blues in various patterns of plaid or sweaters in various states of condition. She would often wear this style overtop skater skirts and thigh highs with either her trusty pair of Converse All-stars in the same pastels as most of her tops or her well broken-in 1 1/2 inch platform Doc Martens.

Notable features:
- pink/purple tortoise shell glasses
- a tattoo on the inside of her left forearm that read "No Mercy for the Dreamkillers"
- a tattoo on the outside of her left forearm that read "Qui Tacet Consentire Videtur"
- a beauty mark on her lower left jaw
- a rotating assortment of cute bandaids to cover a pretty bad broken nose
- a septum piercing with a rotating assortment of rings and curved barbells
Her business card - which she eagerly would offer to anyone willing to accept one - was plain white with black font and simply read:
Musician. Diviner. Fixer. Emiria Burke.

Short, simple, to the point... everything that Mira is NOT.

As far as actual talent goes, Mira, first and foremost, was a former terrorist. Her mind defaulted to solutions that could be achieved through guerilla warfare... and as an avid anarcho-socialist, she was wary to the extreme of the possibility of tyrants coming into power.

She was extraordinarily gifted with her EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument), and if it was played on a wind instrument, she probably knew it... and in fact, if it *wasn't* played on a wind instrument, she probably knew it, too. She was also gifted with an outstanding singing voice that she doesn't take advantage of nearly enough.

When the music thing wasn't paying, she had also been known to read fortunes with tarot cards. In a terrible pinch Mira even claimed to be able to read fortunes with playing cards, tea leaves or even palms, as well.

Mira, being of concubus stock, was also an incorrigible flirt... though if a pretty lady or effeminate man would flirt *back*, she'd become putty in their hands. She very much was all bark and no bite, in that regard. In the short time she'd been in Rhy'Din she has found a fast relationship with Kira Adia, to whom she is absolutely loyal and would burn the world around her down to defend and protect.

On the subject of combat, Burke was rumored to be a serviceable marksman, particularly with thrown objects. She was MUCH more likely to beat the stuffing out of people with her enormous baritone saxophone case that she was never caught far from, which was said to be much heavier than it looked - about four tons - and made out of something far sturdier than the mundane-looking metal it was machined from.

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