Keeper of Water

Droet the Bold

Tower of Water

Near the edge of the lagoon, in the middle of the water, stands the Tower of Water. Its dimensions, look and overall shape are identical to the Tower of Fire: 60' tall, 50' wide at the base and 30' at the top, with windows and battlements, only the tower itself is made from flowing, raging water, and the double doors are made of coral. The key to the tower is likewise made from coral, set with a beautiful aquamarine stone.

Keeper of Water Powers

So long as the Keeper of Water bears the Key of Water, great power over water is his to command. The Keeper may breathe under water, fly through the water as effortlessly as a cloud moves through the air, and is immune to the ravages of the high pressures of the ocean depths. No water-based attack can ever harm him; great volumes of water may be created or destroyed at will; and water will ebb, flow and act in accordance with the Keeper's will. Water elementals may be summoned and banished at will, and any such spirit encountered will obey the keeper's commands. All creatures native to the water will recognize the Keeper for who he is, and never attack him. Only free spirits or those of unique power can retain their own will. The Keeper may also transform himself into a being of water and back to his normal form at will.

As would be expected, the Keeper of Water is very vulnerable to his opposite element of fire. Any fire-based attacks which penetrate his defenses will always do increased damage. Also, all fire-based creatures are immediately hostile to the Keeper and may attack him on sight. The presence of fire is not harmful to the Keeper, but being near large fires will drain his powers, and he will be powerless (and most likely slain) if surrounded by an inferno.

Keeper of Water Unique Ring - Poseidon

The perimeter of the ring erupts in a tidal surge, lifting to the skies and beyond, the peak far past the clouds, creating a solid pillar of oceanic water. Within, a wild coral reef and pearly-white sands gurgle and crash upwards to form the ground level and first ten feet of space within which the Keeper and his/her opponent may seek cover or an advantageous position. Fish and aquatic beasts of all manner, magical and mundane, swim freely throughout the pillar while the Keeper of water and his/her opponent duel on this watery battlefield, miraculously able to breathe beneath the supposed ocean's surface.

Reign Summaries

Duelist Name Dates of Reign Days Held Defenses
Droet the Bold 2022-07-31 - Present 682 3
Sheridan Driscol 2022-06-11 - 2022-07-31 50 0
Jackson 2022-02-04 - 2022-06-11 127 1
Morgan LaFey 2021-03-28 - 2022-02-04 313 3
Mairead Harker 2021-01-10 - 2021-03-28 77 1
Eregor Túr Gairdín 2019-12-17 - 2021-01-10 390 7
Michelle Montoya 2019-05-18 - 2019-12-17 213 0
XanthVanBokkelen 2018-07-07 - 2019-05-18 315 0
Andu Kirost 2017-07-17 - 2018-07-07 355 0
Jenny Chae 2016-10-29 - 2017-07-17 261 0
(vacant) 2016-09-23 - 2016-10-29 36 0
Bailey Raptis 2015-12-13 - 2016-09-23 285 0
(vacant) 2015-11-29 - 2015-12-13 14 0
Shadow 2014-10-19 - 2015-11-29 406 1
Andrea "Apple" Anderson 2014-06-16 - 2014-10-19 125 1
Morgan Chae 2014-04-25 - 2014-06-16 52 0
Jenny Chae 2013-11-24 - 2014-04-25 152 2
Xanth Van Bokkelen 2013-10-18 - 2013-11-24 37 0
Claire Farron 2013-09-09 - 2013-10-18 39 1
Myria Graziano 2013-07-28 - 2013-09-09 43 0
Andrea "Apple" Anderson 2013-07-19 - 2013-07-28 9 0
Matt Simon 2013-01-29 - 2013-07-19 171 2
Mur Ollavan 2012-06-12 - 2013-01-29 231 3
Matt Simon 2012-02-13 - 2012-06-12 120 0
Xanth Van Bokkelen 2011-12-11 - 2012-02-13 64 0
Rand al'Tan 2010-11-18 - 2011-12-11 388 3
Neo Eternity 2009-02-17 - 2010-11-18 639 3
(vacant) 2008-11-24 - 2009-02-17 85 0
Bran Bale 2008-10-05 - 2008-11-24 50 0
(vacant) 2008-10-01 - 2008-10-05 4 0
Wyheree g'Ark'Hiradan 2007-04-11 - 2008-10-01 539 4
Tasslehofl Momus 2006-12-20 - 2007-04-11 112 0
Jono Slava 2006-08-08 - 2006-12-20 134 1
(vacant) 2006-08-01 - 2006-08-08 7 0
Farek 2006-02-21 - 2006-08-01 161 1
(vacant) 2006-01-26 - 2006-02-21 26 0
Shard 2005-12-13 - 2006-01-26 44 0
Farek 2005-09-27 - 2005-12-13 77 1
Vanion Shadowcast 2005-08-10 - 2005-09-27 48 0
(vacant) 2005-07-25 - 2005-08-10 16 0
Farek 2005-01-31 - 2005-07-25 175 1
(vacant) 2004-12-31 - 2005-01-31 31 0
Cory Havoik 2003-06-13 - 2004-12-31 567 1
Flora LeGray 2002-12-15 - 2003-06-13 180 0
(vacant) 2002-11-17 - 2002-12-15 28 0
Flora LeGray 2002-09-29 - 2002-11-17 49 0
(vacant) 2002-08-25 - 2002-09-29 35 0
Ralez Rastlin 2002-04-23 - 2002-08-25 124 1
(vacant) 2002-03-31 - 2002-04-23 23 0
Steven Barbarossa 2001-03-06 - 2002-03-31 390 1
Grayson McLeod 2000-12-07 - 2001-03-06 89 0
Lady Blue 2000-09-21 - 2000-12-07 77 0

Droet the Bold     2022-07-31 - Present   ( 682 days )

♦ 07-31-22 With his Keeper’s Blessing from the Archmage Tournament, Droet looked to the lagoon and its tower in hopes of becoming Aqua Master. Funny enough, he would be challenging the last winner of the Keeper’s Blessing and his former opponent in the May Archmage Tournament, Sheridan Driscol (commonly known by Dris) the Keeper of Water! The two jumped into Poseidon to make quite the splash and delight spectators with their abilities. Dris started out the gate with a solid score, while he and Droet traded in the following round. After a quick breather round, Droet looked to gather his strength and made a swift and steady climb to victory for the first match with a final score of 5 to 2 in 7 rounds. In the second match, the casters opened with a trade, but this go around it was Dris who would take the lead and go figuratively running away with it. With the second match’s score resulting in 5.5 to 2 in 6, both Keeper and Challenger had won a match and thus pushed the challenge to a third and final match for the evening! Where Dris scored first in the final match, Droet was quick to tie things up in the following round. In the third round, the pair traded spells, setting the score at 1.5 each while spectators watched the pair swim about. Droet broke into the lead in round 4 and hit match point in round 5, but Dris showed us he wasn’t going to let go of things easily as the Bard doubled his score in round 6. The pair traded casts in the next round, which would seal Droet’s victory with a final score of 5 to 4 in 7. This then marked Droet’s first reign as a Keeper and becoming Aqua Master as he also held IceDancer at the time.
♦ 02-08-23 Droet’s first challenge would come from Rachael and they both showed up dressed, ready to make a splash! Without further a due let's dive right into the details of the evening, shall we? In the special ring of Poseidon, it would be Rachael who scored first in the opening match. Droet followed up with some not so baby shark attacks –but don't worry dear reader, they were safe illusions! Droet built up his lead, but a follow up exchange had both him and Rachael scoring. Only Droet brought another shark into the mix and though Rachael was clearly giving it her all, Droet tossed out an impressive whirlpool and fish were flying everywhere! And so, the first match ended with a final score of 5 to 2.5 in 7 rounds. In the second match, Rachael came out of the gate, scoring two points before Droet resorted to bringing out another whirlpool to get on the board and put a damper on any notion of a shut out this evening. The tides seemed to shift in Droet's control shortly after this as he continued to climb up the scoreboard and would keep Rachael from scoring no higher than 2.5 points. In an impressive feat, the Keeper of Water retains his title, as the second match concluded with the same score as the first (that being 5 to 2.5 in 7 rounds)!
♦ 05-24-23 A repeat showdown between Droet and Rachael would be the Keeper’s second challenge, complete with a delicious sushi spread to keep spectators full while being entertained over the best of three matches. The casters jumped right into the special ring Poseidon, and both pulled out all the stops in the first match! Favored with the Keeper’s Blessing, Rachael was able to utilize a bit of elemental fury alongside the Keeper Droet, but in the end, it would be Droet who came out on top in the first match with a final score of 5 to 3 in 10 rounds. Rachael’s fierce determination and powerful stare downs helped keep Droet off the scoreboard entirely in the second match, where she shut out the Keeper in 6 rounds! Thus, all things came down to the third and final match, where both casters kept things close, usually a mere half a point apart. Droet soon found his edge in the waters, turning into bubbles at one point and calling up a shield to defend the last attack from Rachael, then sealing his victory and defense of his title with a final score of 5 to 3.5 in 8!
♦ 07-12-23 For the third challenge coming from Rachael tonight, Droet opted to not jump into the ring of Poseidon, and instead brought the watery action to the sands of Twilight Isle! The Keeper decided to start defensively and kept Rachael from scoring for the first two rounds. He then continued holding a steady lead before Rachael splashed her way up on the board with some fire and brimstone scents. After a few trades, Droet even made it surf boards! A startling sight which closed out the match with a final score of 5 to 3 in 7 rounds. In the second match of the night, Droet started things much like the first, keeping on the defense. The second round had both casters looking to blast each other with their impressive elemental powers, but fire and water just met each other’s match, turned to steam, and left no score for either of them. It was from there that Droet looked to control the tides so to speak, building momentum cast after cast and keeping Rachael from being able to score any further for the evening. With no signs of slowing down, Droet closed the second match with a score of 5.5 to 0 in 7 rounds and secured another defense for his reign of the Tower of Water.

Sheridan Driscol     2022-06-11 - 2022-07-31   ( 50 days )

♦ 06-11-22 With Keeper's Blessing in hand Sheridan Driscol challenged for the right to hold claim the Tower of Water and it's Keeper, Jackson, answered the call. While it would be in proxy form as Billy, the Keeper faced off against his challenger a full series of matches within the deeps of Poseidon. Challenger Driscol took control early in the match with the first two rounds in his favor, though Jackson-proxy-Billy found ground in the third. This single point would be in the Keepers favor until round 6 and with his challenger at match point. While the Keeper was able to regain some of that lost ground in the next two rounds, the Keepers choice of Elemental Fury in the 8th was capitalized by Dris' own choice of Nether Ray to take the first victory of the night. The second match saw the Keeper not only regain control, but secure a win for himself as well — a 5 - 1.5 victory in Jackson/Billy's favor in 8 rounds. It would be the third and final match that decided the fate of the Tower of Water. Perhaps after seeing its success thanks to the usage of it by the Keeper at the start of the second match, Dris chose to begin with a focused ghost form that not only gained him the lead but also begun his crashing wave of victory against the Keeper as round after round after saw his lead grow more and more until the final round was called with the final score of 5 - 0.5 in 6 rounds. With two matches of the three won Sheridan Driscol became the newest Keeper of Water.

Jackson     2022-02-04 - 2022-06-11   ( 127 days )

♦ 02-04-22 Arr, ye matey's! Jackson dared to challenge the captain of the seven.. eight.. or how many seas Rhydin has, Morgan LaFey! While the good captain held strong against the storm and achieved the first win of the night, the former-or-current (depending on when you read this) Watch captain, Jackson, turned the tides and ripped through Morgan's sails in the second.. then unleashed the tsunami that capsized the pirate king's reign with a five round shut out to secure the victory and became the Keeper of Water!
♦ 04-01-22 After a key to get her hands on, Mira challenged Keeper Jackson for the Tower of Water and the pair met on the Isle to make a splash in Poseidon in front of quite the crowd! The two jumped right into the pillar of water and before Mira could ink up the water and cloud Jackson’s vision, he was spin-kicking his way onto the board! Though the waters were dark for the two in the ring, Jackson managed to use this to his advantage and closed the match as the pair traded blows with a final score of 5 to 3 in 5 rounds. In the following match, Mira avoided the Power of the Tower’s strength coming from Jackson and scored first on the board, but the Keeper was quick to tie up the score. Mira and her oil slick tricks edged ahead in a solid lead over Jackson with a score of 3 to 1 in round 5, but he looked to start up on a comeback train to tie things up 3 a piece by round 8, to leave spectators on the edge of their seats! Though Mira edged a nickel higher on the scoreboard in round 9, Jackson countered her scoring attempts that followed to close out his defense with a final score of 5 to 3.5 in 12.

Morgan LaFey     2021-03-28 - 2022-02-04   ( 313 days )

♦ 03-28-21 Chowder, Bisque, Burgers, Hotdogs, Alcohol and Snacks Galore! The Tower of Water Challenge looked prepared to make a splash of a night on Twilight Isle as Morgan LaFey and Keeper of Water Mairead Harker set to face off! The Keeper started strong in the first but it seemed Morgan was ready for what came at him soon after. A 1 - 1 tie of the score in the second round, a trade in the third, and then finally Morgan eased ahead in the fourth and continued to do so all the way into the seventh when a trade of specter and ray mixed for the half point the challenger needed to take the first match. The second saw Morgan gain the first point, and while Mairead was able to tie it in the second she'd be unable to stop Morgan from gaining and then soon enough expanding his lead. After 7 rounds the final point was earned in Morgan's favor with a 5 - 1 finish and with it securing his victory and new reign as Keeper of Water.
♦ 06-11-21 Wanting to finish up some old business at the Tower of Water, Michelle Montoya challenged Captain Morgan LaFey for his hold of the element. They both dived right into Poseidon, eager to utilize the cool waters and sea life for the challenge matches. Starting things off, they looked to be heavy in Michelle’s favor as she kept Morgan off the board the first couple of rounds. It was in the third round though that the tides turned in Morgan’s favor and he swiftly rose to a winning score of five points in the seventh round, keeping Michelle to a mere three points as the match closed. The second match things seemed to slow down, both casters not scoring in the opening round, and then following up with Michelle scoring first with a mind whip over Morgan’s fear touch. Michelle looked to focus on some defensive tactics, but Morgan’s offensive spells helped him climb the board, tie Michelle and then eventually take the lead with the power of the Tower, Elemental Fury helping him to match point. After a ghostly null round from the pair of them, Morgan whipped his way into his first defense of the Tower. Though disappointed in her loss, Morgan offered to try and assist Michelle in what ways he could with her unfinished business, even if it would be in awaiting a following challenge in the future.
♦ 07-28-21 Upstart Mage Jackson N had only just finished his ultra-quick ascent to Mage when he decided to make his first challenge. The newcomer to the duels had enjoyed consistent success from the moment of his debut at Enchanter in week 8 of the cycle all the way to the point of ranking to Mage just two weeks after his debut, marking one of the quickest climbs in recent history. It was then that he set his sights on the Tower of Water and Keeper-Captain Morgan LeFay. Challenging the newcomer to make the challenge memorable, Captain Morgan accepted less than an hour after validation and with that, the planning process got underway. When given the option, Morgan deferred to the challenger as to whether they would use the Keeper's special ring and with minimal hesitation, Jackson quickly requested Poseidon. Jackson took an early lead in the first match only for Morgan to quickly answer, tying the score up. It remained tied for a short time before Jackson brought his trusty umbrella to bear under Poseidon's waters and Morgan unfurled his dangerous dark tentacles under the blue. By the fourth round, Jackson inched into the lead before opening it up wider to claim the win in round 6, winning his first fight in a challenge ever, 5-3 in 6. The second fight, however, was all Morgan. Looking to answer Jackson with his command of water, he held the challenger to barely half a point in the first five rounds. Jackson squeaked out another point in round six but ultimately Morgan's command meant smooth sailing through the next two rounds to close out the second fight 5.5-1.5 in 8. The last fight was a close contest that proved the incredible skill of both fighters. Jackson claimed first blood, Morgan immediately answered. That back and forth trend continued until the 8th round when the Keeper called down the power of his tower to tie the match up. Jackson made it to matchpoint first only for Morgan to pirate the lead away. Though the newcomer tried valiantly to take back the lead in the final moments, ultimately Morgan blew the darkness out of the ring with a brilliant light and closed out the match, and his second defense, with a score of 5-4 in 11 rounds.
♦ 10-15-21 Seeking expanding horizons and attempting to get another Tower under her belt, Kira pressed challenge to the AquaMaster Captain Morgan. The pair came out dressed to make a splash on the fashion runway, wearing fabrics that ebbed and flowed much like the ocean waters and waves they would be fighting in. Calling forth Poseidon, the pair dived in and began the best of three matches. Things looked to be in Kira’s favor, as she held a slim lead over Morgan till round 6 where he inched ahead by a half a point at 3 to 2.5, but Kira focused her energy and struck match point (and a half) in round 8. Morgan kept the score close as they both surpassed 5 points each and it was with the Power of the Tower that Morgan was able to close the match out in his favor with a final score of 7 to 5.5 in 12. In the second match, it was the Captain who scored first and looked to control the match itself. Though Kira did manage a small lead in the 3rd round with a score of 1.5 to 1, and then managed to tie things up 2 to 2 in round 5. In the end she could not use an icicle to her advantage against the AquaMaster, and he sealed his defense two rounds later with a final score of 5 to 3 in 8.

Mairead Harker     2021-01-10 - 2021-03-28   ( 77 days )

♦ 01-10-21 In the New Year Eregor was out to make things interesting after his year long reign and decided to waive grace for all who he has not already faced in his lengthy reign with seven defenses. First to sign up and get a crack at wrestling the key from the Keeper was Mairead Harker! These cousins took it to ring Poseidon for a splashing good challenge and Eregor took the first match 5 to 3 in 7 rounds. But after that it was Mairead who dominated in the watery ring, taking the second match 5 to 2 in 5 and the final match in a very close 6.5 to 5.5 in 10! Excited to explore the Tower, Mairead walked away with the key that very night and Eregor declared he was happily taking a vacation from challenges and dueling till the birth of his next child, even retiring IceDancer that evening as well.
♦ 02-13-21 When Mairead waived grace for Haru alone, he did not wait long before issuing this challenge, and the fight between the Baron of Dragon’s Gate and her squire went to Twilight Isle to see who would continue to reign in the Tower of Water. They started off in the special ring, Poseidon and the first match heavily favored Haru, where he controlled things and kept Mairead to only a single point as he won the match 5 to 1 in 7 rounds! Things looked to reverse themselves somewhat in the second match with Mairead holding a strong lead, steadily climbing the scoreboard and then jumping to the final point first with a win of 5 to 4 in 8 rounds. This continued even in the third match with Mairead closing out the final match, 5 to 2 in 8, thus sealing her first defense of the Tower of Water!

Eregor Túr Gairdín     2019-12-17 - 2021-01-10   ( 390 days )

♦ 12-17-19 Eregor challenged the maddening Michelle Montoya for the custodianship of the Tower of Water. In two straight duels the challenger won with scores of 5.5 - 4.5 in 8 and 5.5 - 4.5 in 10.
♦ 04-14-20 Eden Parker challenges for the Tower of Water. After two back and forth duels which saw both challenger and keeper see-sawing the lead, Eregor came out as the victor in two straight matches with 6 - 4.5 in 12 and 5 - 3 in 11 final scores.
♦ 05-19-20 Eregor found himself challenged soon after his grace period by newly minted mage The Sublime Bellamere. The first of three matches was a close one, with both challenger and keeper vying for victory in the magical game of tug-of-war, yet the challenger gained advantage in the final round to take it 5.5 - 4.5 after 14 rounds. The second match saw the Keeper return to form by quickly gaining a 4 point lead on Bellamere within 6 rounds. The challenger fought back, securing 2 points in return, but found himself brought low by a trade in the 11th. With the second match won 5 - 3 in his favor, Eregor continued into the third with much of the same vigor. In six rounds Eregor stood at match point against his challenger — and like the end of the second match, this one ended with a trade in the Keepers favor. Eregor secured his third win of the night with an 8 round 5 - 1.5 finish to continue his reign as the Keeper of Water.
♦ 06-23-20 Three defenses in three months! Eregor's third defense came after being challenged by Atiea, a recent newcomer to the Duel of Magic sport! A challenge between cousins is what it can be dubbed as the two took to the challenge ring to face off. The first of two matches stated with Atiea pushing suddenly in the third round to extend her lead to 3 - 1. Eregor rose back and the two tied at 4 - 4, with Eregor pressing once again to gain the lead, even if by a half-point; though Atiea brought it back to a tie in the 11th. This tie would soon enough be short lived as Eregor gained a full point in the 12th round to take the first match. The second part of this challenge fight came within the elemental keepers ring of Poseidon! The match started off with a trade of spells — though it was Eregor's stronger, and quite focused spell that won the opening round! From there the lead see-saw'd between the two, going from Eregor to Atiea and soon enough back to Eregor again! The third shift in match-leader was the final one as Eregor was able to land a wicked blast of water elemental fury before hunkering down to defend in the final round to claim his 5 - 3 in 6 rounds victory. With two challenge matches in his favor Eregor defended his tower once more.
♦ 08-03-20 July was a quiet month for Eregor and we were left wondering if his month-by-month defense streak would come to an end.. Luckily for us, Michelle Montoya challenged for the Tower of Water on July 26th — though the challenge itself would not take place until the night of Tuesday, August the 4th. Eregor showed off that multi-defense strength of his in the first match and soundly won with a score of 5 - 2.5 in 10, though Michelle rebounded by gaining the upper hand in the second in 9 rounds and securing her first 5 - 3 win. Lady Luck wasn't giving up on Eregor though, as the Keeper of Water unleashed his elemental fury in round two of the third match and looked to be the betters choice by the 6th round with 3 - 1.5 score in his favor. Michelle, untroubled by this predicament, dug deep and tied the match in the following round with a focused Arctic Blast. Eregor regained the lead in the following round after narrowly dodging Michelle's suped up blades, but the former Keeper of Water's Nether Ray brought it back to a 4 - 4 tie. Try as she might Michelle was unable to achieve the lead in the end and Eregor, after edging forward with a quick fear touch through Michelle's chilled wind, gain his second win of the night thanks to armoring up and protecting himself against Michelle's final bolt of magic. With defense four secured Eregor stood once again victorious.
♦ 10-04-20 A fifth defense! Bellamere returned once more to the challenge ring after taking second place in the August 2020 Archmage Tournament. With Keepers Blessing in hand he issued challenge to Eregor yet again for a rematch, and much like their first encounter — Eregor came out as the winner. The first of three matches was in the Keepers favor as he gained a match point lead well into round 10, only to have the challenger begin to play catch up. Luckily for Eregor he was able to finish the first in his favor with an end score of 5.5 - 4.5 in 14 rounds. The tables turned in the second with Bellamere leading off early and extending mid-match, and to continue to extend in the later, resulting in a win in the challengers corner (5 - 2.5 in 13 rounds). The third and final match went much like the first — with Eregor gaining the match point lead and Bellamere fighting back in an attempt to play catch up. And catch up did Bellamere in the 10th round to tie the score 4.5 - 4.5, but that is as far as the challenger would go. With Eregor scoring a half point in the 12th round and full in the 13th the Keeper once again defended his title with a final score of 6 - 4.5 in 13 rounds.
♦ 11-17-20 It would be no surprise that yet another defense came to Eregor as he continued to dominate the competition when it came to ownership to the Tower of Water. His sixth defense came from challenger Rachael Blackthorne. At the time all Elemental Towers were under challenge.. yet, in the end, it would be Eregor who would go undefeated. Fire, Earth, and Air fell — and Water did as it was known.. it adapted and continued to flow. In two duels Eregor bested Rachael, the first being 5 - 2.5 within 6 rounds, while the second match ending even quicker with Eregor securing his victory and sixth defense with a score of 5 - 1 in 5 rounds.
♦ 12-29-20 With a one year reign under his belt it wouldn't be much of a surprise to the denizens of Twilight Isle that Eregor once again defended the Tower of Water. His seventh opponent came in the form of Morgan LaFey, and while the challenger was able to gain the edge at the start of the first match, Eregor turned the tide and secured his first win of the night with a score of 5-4 in 8. The second match saw Eregor hold the reins in the first with an impressive three to zero point lead; yet Morgan rallied, fought back, and tied the match at three and a half points between the two of them. Eregor, unshaken by the developments, pressed on and was able to take the lead — one which crossed the finish line in the 10th round with a final score of 5.5 - 4.5 in 10.

Michelle Montoya     2019-05-18 - 2019-12-17   ( 213 days )

♦ 05-18-19 In three tight matches Michelle defeated Xanth Van Bokkelen to claim her first key and entry into the Tower of Water. The first of the three saw a victory in her favor with the score of 5 - 4 in 8 rounds, while Xanth took control of the second with 5 - 3 in 10 rounds, the third and final match would be Michelle's with the final score of 5 - 4 in 10 rounds.

XanthVanBokkelen     2018-07-07 - 2019-05-18   ( 315 days )

♦ 07-07-18 Defeated Andu in two matches. The ending scores are: 5-1.5 in 5 and 5.5-1.5 in 8

Andu Kirost     2017-07-17 - 2018-07-07   ( 355 days )

♦ 07-17-17 Andu challenged Jin and Eden offered tasty treats. Fuel for the challenger perhaps, who won 5.5-2.5 and 5.4-4.5.

Jenny Chae     2016-10-29 - 2017-07-17   ( 261 days )

♦ 10-29-16 Jin won the key in the Halloween themed Pumpkin Smash Tournament

(vacant)     2016-09-23 - 2016-10-29   ( 36 days )

Bailey Raptis     2015-12-13 - 2016-09-23   ( 285 days )

♦ 12-13-15 Wins the tower in an All Ranks Tournament.
♦ 09-23-16 Bailey advances to the title of ArchMage.

(vacant)     2015-11-29 - 2015-12-13   ( 14 days )

Shadow     2014-10-19 - 2015-11-29   ( 406 days )

♦ 10-19-14 Defeats Apple to claim the key
♦ 03-07-16 Defends against Hitmonlee
♦ 11-29-15 Retires the title.

Andrea "Apple" Anderson     2014-06-16 - 2014-10-19   ( 125 days )

♦ 06-16-14 Takes the key from Morgan
♦ 08-23-14 Defends against Misty is 2 duels.

Morgan Chae     2014-04-25 - 2014-06-16   ( 52 days )

♦ 04-25-14 Wins the Chae vs Chae battle to claim the title.

Jenny Chae     2013-11-24 - 2014-04-25   ( 152 days )

♦ 11-24-13 Defeats Xanth to take the key.
♦ 01-08-14 Defends against Rena Cronin
♦ 02-28-14 Defends against Venalia Dawnblade

Xanth Van Bokkelen     2013-10-18 - 2013-11-24   ( 37 days )

♦ 10-18-13 Defeated by Claire, the ex-ArchMage became the Keeper of Water

Claire Farron     2013-09-09 - 2013-10-18   ( 39 days )

♦ 09-09-13 Takes the key from Myria
♦ 10-17-13 Defends against Zack Alcar
♦ 10-18-13 Advances to the title of ArchMage

Myria Graziano     2013-07-28 - 2013-09-09   ( 43 days )

♦ 07-28-13 Defeats Apple for the title.

Andrea "Apple" Anderson     2013-07-19 - 2013-07-28   ( 9 days )

♦ 07-19-13 Apple defeats Matt to claim the tower.

Matt Simon     2013-01-29 - 2013-07-19   ( 171 days )

♦ 01-29-13 Takes the key away from Mur
♦ 03-18-13 Defends against Hochi Bird
♦ 05-27-13 Battin Roage goes down in 2 duels.

Mur Ollavan     2012-06-12 - 2013-01-29   ( 231 days )

♦ 06-12-12 Took the tower from Matt in 3 duels.
♦ 08-02-12 Defends against Jacen Balthazar in 2 duels.
♦ 08-14-12 Krusolis also goes down in 2 duels.
♦ 12-13-12 Another 2 duel defense, this time against Nayun

Matt Simon     2012-02-13 - 2012-06-12   ( 120 days )

♦ 02-13-12 Defeats Xanth for the title.

Xanth Van Bokkelen     2011-12-11 - 2012-02-13   ( 64 days )

♦ 12-11-11 Wrests the key from Rand

Rand al'Tan     2010-11-18 - 2011-12-11   ( 388 days )

♦ 11-18-10 Defeated Neo to claim the tower
♦ 05-02-11 Defended against Matt Simon.
♦ 07-06-11 Defended against Kalinda Acheron.
♦ 08-14-11 Defended against Mur Ollavan

Neo Eternity     2009-02-17 - 2010-11-18   ( 639 days )

♦ 02-17-09 Won the key in a tournament.
♦ 11-04-09 Defends against Tass
♦ 02-03-10 Artermus Kurgen fended off in 2 duels.
♦ 05-11-10 Defends against Etherean Esperwind,

(vacant)     2008-11-24 - 2009-02-17   ( 85 days )

Bran Bale     2008-10-05 - 2008-11-24   ( 50 days )

♦ 10-05-08 Won the key in a Keeper Tournament
♦ 11-24-08 Retires key to advance to Archmage

(vacant)     2008-10-01 - 2008-10-05   ( 4 days )

Wyheree g'Ark'Hiradan     2007-04-11 - 2008-10-01   ( 539 days )

♦ 04-11-07 Won the key from Tasslehofl
♦ 05-23-07 Defense vs Tasslehofl
♦ 11-20-07 Defense vs Xanth Van Bokkelen
♦ 04-02-08 Defense vs Xeric Mues
♦ 08-17-08 Defense vs Neo Eternity
♦ 10-01-08 Retired due to inactivity

Tasslehofl Momus     2006-12-20 - 2007-04-11   ( 112 days )

♦ 12-20-06 Won the key from Jono

Jono Slava     2006-08-08 - 2006-12-20   ( 134 days )

♦ 08-08-06 Won the key in a Keeper Tournament
♦ 11-08-06 Defense vs Bran Bale

(vacant)     2006-08-01 - 2006-08-08   ( 7 days )

Farek     2006-02-21 - 2006-08-01   ( 161 days )

♦ 02-21-06 Won the key in a Keeper Tournament
♦ 06-15-06 Defense vs Vince Smith
♦ 08-01-06 Voluntarily retired from the tower

(vacant)     2006-01-26 - 2006-02-21   ( 26 days )

Shard     2005-12-13 - 2006-01-26   ( 44 days )

♦ 12-13-05 Won the key when Farek failed to appear for his challenge.
♦ 01-26-06 Voluntarily retired from her tower

Farek     2005-09-27 - 2005-12-13   ( 77 days )

♦ 09-27-05 Wins the key from Vanion
♦ 10-19-05 Defense vs Max Blue

Vanion Shadowcast     2005-08-10 - 2005-09-27   ( 48 days )

♦ 08-10-05 Won the key in a Keeper Tournament

(vacant)     2005-07-25 - 2005-08-10   ( 16 days )

Farek     2005-01-31 - 2005-07-25   ( 175 days )

♦ 01-31-05 Won the key in a Keeper Tournament
♦ 03-31-05 Defense vs Vince Smith
♦ 07-25-05 Voluntarily retired from his tower

(vacant)     2004-12-31 - 2005-01-31   ( 31 days )

Cory Havoik     2003-06-13 - 2004-12-31   ( 567 days )

♦ 06-13-03 Won the key from Flora
♦ 04-30-04 Defense vs Steven Barbarossa
♦ 12-31-04 Retired due to inactivity

Flora LeGray     2002-12-15 - 2003-06-13   ( 180 days )

♦ 12-15-02 Claims the key, means unrecorded

(vacant)     2002-11-17 - 2002-12-15   ( 28 days )

Flora LeGray     2002-09-29 - 2002-11-17   ( 49 days )

♦ 09-29-02 Claims the key though the means are unrecorded.
♦ 11-17-02 Vacates tower, reasons unrecorded

(vacant)     2002-08-25 - 2002-09-29   ( 35 days )

Ralez Rastlin     2002-04-23 - 2002-08-25   ( 124 days )

♦ 04-23-02 Won the key in a Keeper Tournament
♦ 06-14-02 Defense vs unrecorded opponent
♦ 08-25-02 Vacates tower, reasons unrecorded

(vacant)     2002-03-31 - 2002-04-23   ( 23 days )

Steven Barbarossa     2001-03-06 - 2002-03-31   ( 390 days )

♦ 03-06-01 Was awarded the key when Grayson failed to answer his challenge.
♦ 06-19-01 Defense vs unrecorded opponent
♦ 03-31-02 Vacates tower, reasons unrecorded

Grayson McLeod     2000-12-07 - 2001-03-06   ( 89 days )

♦ 12-07-00 Was awarded the key when Lady Blue failed to answer his challenge.

Lady Blue     2000-09-21 - 2000-12-07   ( 77 days )

♦ 09-21-00 Lady Blue choose Water after placing in the top four of the first Keeper tournament.
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