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Morgan LaFey
Morgan LaFey
Character Race:
Resides at Wayside
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
Art Credits:
"Kindless Kay" Akay Xiu
Character Age:
21 (probably)
Place of Origin:
Ithaca, NY, Terra
Aerial Silk Acrobat with RCPA
Height: 5' even
Weight: Bitch how much do *you* weigh?
Hair Color: Naturally dark, dyed red
Eye color: Amber brown

Morgan is not very tall, and thin. Probably didn't eat his veggies as a kid. Not that he was given lots of them anyway. He has shortish red hair, obviously bleached and dyed that way. His skin is pale, a side effect of the nightlife style existence he leads. He doesn't get much sun. Eyes are golden-brown, almost an amber color. He's a really pretty young man, and has often used this to his advantage getting out of trouble.

He has a lip piercing, a single snakebite ring on the right side of his lip, and, if you're fortunate enough to find out, two tattoos on the front of his hips.

-A goldfish on the front of his left hip, small and bright orange.
-An evergreen tree on the front of his right hip
-A mandala style flower on his neck, with a galaxy of stars made of tiny belladonna blossoms.
-Flowing from the galactic swirls around the mandala on his neck, a flood of blues curling and moving across his collarbone. The stars in the galaxy start first as tiny blossoms of belladonna, transitioning to wisteria and lilac settling on the cusp of the opposite shoulder. The ink seems to shimmer in some places, and has a movement all its own reminiscent of the movement of stars across the night sky.

(Player might be the entire cast of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit".)
Real good at texting real fast. Dances like a stripper. Acrobatic ability, especially good at aerial silks. Bardic magics.

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