The 114th Overlord

Matt Simon

Matt wins title: (Details)

Matt's first challenge came from Gren Blockman. Gren, having recently won both the title of Archmage and the Diamond Quest, was in position to become a true, concurrent Triple Crown winner and member of a very exclusive club. It was set to be a historical night between two very popular and storied duelists, but even though Matt opted to exercise his right as Overlord to Test, what the crowd received in the end was still a cause for excitement. Still new to the ranks of the Barons, Mallory Maeda was called onto to fight for the Overlord's honor and acquitted herself with no small measure of moxie and flair, filling the ring with flame as she overcame the more experienced Gren and ensured Matt wasn't going anywhere! (Details)

Matt's second challenge came from new warlord Nat Candle. Was it temptation by the bounty made by the newly Renegade Baroness of Dockside Claire and Warlord Terry King that lured Nat to challenge, or was it personal glory? One way or another the two met in the Arena while spectators wondered if and who the Overlord would elect to test Nat with. The answer came in the form of... No one, as Overlord Matt decided to take on Nat in a best of three format. After two duels the Overlord dispatched his challenger and once again defended his title. (Details)

Soon after Candle came Hope Naharis. This time the challenger didn't seem to be roused by the idea of a bounty and instead came due to a dislike for Matt's testing of teammate Gren Blockman in January. Heated smacktalk flowed on the boards and it was no surprise when Matt elected to have Rhiannon Brock test for him against Hope. Two Renegade Barons, Claire Gallows and Eden Parker, stepped up to counter and it was Eden who was chosen to face off against Rhiannon. In 7 rounds, the last of them being Baroness Eden stepping aside Rhiannon's slash, Hope was given her chance to go on to fight against Matt. The single bout started in Hope's favor after she quickly stepped aside Matt's defensive parry -- and even seemed the favorite to possibly win, but in the 6th round Matt tied the match two for two and didn't look back. 4 rounds followed and the challenge came to an end as Matt ducked beneath Hope's high swing to secure another defense. (Details)

Matt's fourth challenge came soon enough by Nat Candle, the Warlord Tournament winner, but fate would not allow this to take place. Instead of Nat it would be Jonn Revelator, banished Baron of New Haven, who superseded the challenge to take it as his own. Matt had banished the Baron due to his involvement in an attack against warlord Michelle Montoya, along with the attempted murder of the then Battlefield Park Baron Mallory Maeda. Jonn and Matt met but it would not be the Overlord that the New Haven baron would face -- instead, it would be be the then Archmage, Bailey Raptis, who fought as the Overlords Champion. Talk of an assassination attempt of Mallory when the challenge begun fueled the Overlords anger, and most likely his choice of appointing the messenger (Bailey) as his champion. Jonn faced off against Bailey and while it at first appeared he may have had the upper hand in the lengthy duel, he soon found the match taken control of by Bailey instead. After 12 rounds the champion bested the New Haven Baron and saw that Matt Simon would once again continue his reign as Overlord. (Details)

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