IceDancer Holder


The Blue Opal


At the end of Diamond Quest XI, a new rank came into being in the Outback. The six that placed highest among the seventeen competitors took home gems that night, only one of them was the coveted diamond.

There has been speculation far and wide about what the opals actually are, or what purpose or power they serve. All we know for sure is that it is a highly competitive title among those in the Duel of Fists, obtained only by those willing to pit their skills against the best of the best. Each of the rocks conveys certain small powers to the fighters who hold them, what follows are the details of IceDancer and the combatants to have carried it.

Minor Power

(De)Hydrate - This power can control small amounts of water (no more then five gallons) and cause it either to appear or disappear at will. Water could be used for drinking, a distraction, or to be dumped on someone's head

Major Power

Ice Form - The user of Icedancer's major power has the ability to control the structure of their own body so it becomes as hard as ice. Useful for either offensive or defensive attacks. Use of this power also has the drawback of greatly reducing the speed of the user, leaving them open for possible counterattack.

Extended Powers

The opals were shattered during the 100th Diamond Quest and brought back together during the 101st. With the reforging, the opals are more powerful than ever, though no longer keen to lend their gifts to just anyone unless doing so fits with their schemes. Quite often, they demand an exchange for what they share and leave their mark upon the user in return.

Methodical and resourceful, IceDancer has always been able to harness the properties of water to shield its holder, slow down an opponent, or even turn their offense against them. The blue Opal can now take this even further and manipulate any type of liquid, including that which is present in all living things. Additionally, holders can delve into the memories of water, constructing images and recreating past events. Beware though...these reflections of the past can drive a holder to obsession.

Reign Summaries

Duelist Name Dates of Reign Days Held Defenses
Koyliak 2022-08-05 - Present 418 1
Droet the Bold 2022-06-06 - 2022-08-05 60 0
Jaycy Ashleana 2021-10-18 - 2022-06-06 231 2
Morgan LaFey 2021-07-01 - 2021-10-18 109 1
Koyliak 2021-03-01 - 2021-07-01 122 1
Strawberry 2021-01-16 - 2021-03-01 44 0
(vacant) 2021-01-10 - 2021-01-16 6 0
Eregor 2020-08-23 - 2021-01-10 140 1
Gren Blockman 2020-05-24 - 2020-08-23 91 1
Matthew Algiers Simon 2020-04-29 - 2020-05-24 25 0
Hope 2019-07-31 - 2020-04-29 273 1
Dizzy Flores 2017-12-22 - 2019-07-31 586 1
Jenny Chae 2016-05-14 - 2017-12-22 587 1
Andrea "Apple" Anderson 2016-04-03 - 2016-05-14 41 0
(vacant) 2016-01-24 - 2016-04-03 70 0
Hope Naharis 2015-12-16 - 2016-01-24 39 0
Shale 2015-10-08 - 2015-12-16 69 0
Andrea "Apple" Anderson 2015-09-10 - 2015-10-08 28 0
(vacant) 2015-07-27 - 2015-09-10 45 0
Jin "Jenny" Chae 2014-07-27 - 2015-07-27 365 1
(vacant) 2014-06-19 - 2014-07-27 38 0
Lilly Hyde 2013-12-29 - 2014-06-19 172 3
Melanie Rostol 2013-12-02 - 2013-12-29 27 0
Nayun 2013-08-20 - 2013-12-02 104 3
Matthew Algiers Simon 2010-06-23 - 2013-08-20 1,154 12
(vacant) 2010-04-25 - 2010-06-23 59 0
Sartan 2010-01-20 - 2010-04-25 95 0
Dizzy Flores 2009-08-02 - 2010-01-20 171 0
(vacant) 2009-06-10 - 2009-08-02 53 0
Erasmus al' Mandragor 2008-07-27 - 2009-06-10 318 0
(vacant) 2008-04-06 - 2008-07-27 112 0
Harris D'Artainian 2007-04-01 - 2008-04-06 371 1
Grayson MacLeod 2006-10-15 - 2007-04-01 168 2
Anubis Karos 2006-08-29 - 2006-10-15 47 0
Vincent Smith 2006-05-25 - 2006-08-29 96 0
Gork 2005-09-29 - 2006-05-25 238 1
(vacant) 2005-07-25 - 2005-09-29 66 0
Farek 2005-04-18 - 2005-07-25 98 1
Jigglypuff 2004-11-03 - 2005-04-18 166 1
(vacant) 2004-07-17 - 2004-11-03 109 0
Xerzes Maureen 2004-04-27 - 2004-07-17 81 1
Dizzy Flores 2004-01-07 - 2004-04-27 111 0
Gork 2003-08-27 - 2004-01-07 133 5
Cory Havoick 2003-04-29 - 2003-08-27 120 0
Anubis Karos 2003-03-22 - 2003-04-29 38 0
Grayson MacLeod 2003-01-25 - 2003-03-22 56 0
Alexandria Wells-Graziano 2003-01-04 - 2003-01-25 21 0
Manni Cohai 2002-12-10 - 2003-01-04 25 0
Harris D'Artainian 2002-06-05 - 2002-12-10 188 4
Chris Graziano 2002-05-05 - 2002-06-05 31 1
Jake Thrash 2001-10-16 - 2002-05-05 201 1
Tareth Thorn 2001-08-09 - 2001-10-16 68 3
Daelin Dragonsblade 2000-02-20 - 2001-08-09 536 3
Dizzy Flores 1999-11-10 - 2000-02-20 102 0
(vacant) 1999-10-16 - 1999-11-10 25 0
Bane 1999-02-16 - 1999-10-16 242 0
(vacant) 1998-07-31 - 1999-02-16 200 0
Shannon Kimberly Colton 1998-03-24 - 1998-07-31 129 1
Nova Shayde 1997-10-11 - 1998-03-24 164 0

Koyliak     2022-08-05 - Present   ( 418 days )

♦ 08-05-22 Part of a Double Simon Challenge, the Fashionista Koyliak came after a favored chilly opal, IceDancer and its current holder, Droet the Bold! Eager to get black and blue in the rings, Koyliak and Droet met up and in the first match of the best of three challenge where the opal holder Droet pulled off an impressive perfect shut out against the Lady of the Outback, Koyliak! The following match, where they were sent to the precarious ring, The Wheel, the pair opened with a trade that would make Jake proud! The score stayed tight with Droet taking a couple of single point leads, but with Koy quick to tie things up. With a flash of her perfect heels, Koy took the bout with a snapkick and a final score of 5 to 4 in 10 rounds. With each holding a win for the night, they took it to a third and final match where Koy kept Droet from scoring for the first two rounds. After Droet made a steady climb up the scoreboard to tie things up, Koy was taking a defensive route which would eventually end up in her favor and victory in the ring with a final score of 5 to 2 in 10 rounds. Once again Koyliak picks up the chilly Opal for the Simon household!
♦ 03-04-2023 Koyliak's first opposition for IceDancer came from one Yuzuki "Tallest Hair" Kuwabara. The Fashionista met the challenge with an apt response of "cool" and the two met on the fourth to duke it out. In the first match the two kept an aggressive posture firing off and reciprocating likeness back. Yuzuki claimed the initial lead only to have Koy fire back and even it out. After scoring a lead for herself, Yuzuki clawed it back marking the match at 3 a piece. Koy secured match point with a kick and finished out the first match 5-3 in 11. The second match would be far more one-sided as Koy seemed to have fully warmed up and delivered a statement perfect shutout in the second match. The display could not have been any more complete and it marked Koyliak's first defense in her reign with IceDancer. In two matches, 5-3 in 11 and 5-0 in 5, Koyliak defended.

Droet the Bold     2022-06-06 - 2022-08-05   ( 60 days )

♦ 06-06-22 A few months after Tass came calling, Droet issued challenge for the blue opal. Those who attended were treated to three intense matches, all of which resulted in SUDDEN DEATH scenarios. The first duel was 11 rounds of back-and-forth lead changes before Jaycy notched the 5th point. The second fight was nearly a repeat of the first, with lead changes and another 4-4 tie, but this time Droet took the fifth point in the 10th round. In the final duel, Jaycy launched herself to a 4-1 lead after only four rounds, but Droet clawed his way back to a 4-4 tie at the end of 7 rounds before scoring his fourth unanswered point in the 8th to take the home match and IceDancer. His victory ended Jaycy's reign at 231 days, good for 10th place on the Longest Single Reign leaderboard.

Jaycy Ashleana     2021-10-18 - 2022-06-06   ( 231 days )

♦ 10-18-21 Under the pretense that her lover Hope claimed she wouldn't, Jaycy proceeded to challenge Morgan LaFey for his opal IceDancer. Both agreed that proving Hope wrong would be an excellent sport and decided to meet on the evening of the 18th to settle the fate of the blue opal. The first of two fights on the night would prove to be a statement with the challenger rampaging in an opening bout. Jaycy opened the match scoring and with the exception of one nulled round where both fighters opted into a defense, she scored on every round to dispatch the incumbent with a blistering 5-1 in 6, surrendering a single point to a trade in the second round. The second match would prove to be far more competitive between the fighters. Out the gate Morgan claimed the first point in a mirroring of the previous match. Jaycy was swift to equalize only for Morgan to claim another lead. For the first seven rounds it would appear that the defender would not give up control finding match point at a closely contested 4-3. Jaycy was not willing to back down and found the tying strike in round 8 before two more rounds of sudden death. Going high, she would kick over Morgan LaFey to claim IceDancer in two bouts, 5-1 in 6 and 6-5 in 11.
♦ 12-21-21 "Weird dreams make me do weird things", so spoke Morgan LaFey as he challenged Jaycy for IceDancer. The two would schedule their rematch for the night of December 21st, along with the enigmatic response of "My brain is beans" from the challenger for the Duel of Fists community to ponder on, forever. In an eventful night called by the iconic Skid, the two combatants who were no stranger to one another nor the IceDancer opal would engage in a gauntlet that would span 3 very close duels to determine who would walk away with the crux of their previous conflict as well as this one. Match one would begin with Jaycy feinting her way into a lead before the challenger Morgan struck back with a fast jab. Consecutive defences would come next from Jaycy as she maneuvered to a two point lead going into the fifth round. Akin to a counterweight Morgan struck back earning himself two mirrored points once again stalemating our fighters at the sixth round. Yet at the behest of Morgan's attempts Jaycy would find the better of the challenger in two consecutive rounds once more to seal the first bout. In an eerie twist of fate Morgan would be the one to strike first in the second chapter; in the first three rounds he would find himself in a comfortable 3-1 score lead having traded for the lone point Jaycy held. In an inverse of the first match, with some posturing Jaycy would have her turn to fight back a deficit and even the playing field heading into eighth round where a trade of sweeps would put our fighters at sudden death. Fortune would favor the bold as Morgan flipped Jaycy's jab to earn himself a final fight in the ninth round. The finale of the challenge would prove to be the most tightly knit of the three with our fighters no more than one point apart for the entirety of the nine rounds. Jaycy would claim an early lead and as she exchanged blows with Morgan pound for pound she was able to secure match point in the sixth with a trade low. Only to throw a wrench in her night Morgan successfully faked her out to push the third sudden death of the night. Once more they moved into a stalemate before Jaycy would find her mark with an evasion of the same move that stung her in the middle match. In three bouts, 5-3 in 8, 4-5 in 9 and 5-4 in 9 Jaycy would successfully defend IceDancer.
♦ 03-22-22 A very lengthy friendship didn't stop Tass from challenging Jaycy for IceDancer. The pair had a dinner date prior to the challenge, where Jaycy was vying for her 2nd defense and Tass was making his 2nd career attempt for the blue opal. As Ettyn watched, Jaycy successfully defended her title in two straight duels, taking the first 5-3 in seven rounds & the second 5-2 in seven rounds.

Morgan LaFey     2021-07-01 - 2021-10-18   ( 109 days )

♦ 07-01-21 Everyone likes a good sequel. Seeking another chance at the IceDancer Opal, Morgan LaFey came in search of a rematch with Koyliak for the prized blue rock. Our two fighters met on the first of the seventh month to settle this newest installment and it began with a punch from the challenger. Claiming a 2-0 lead rapidly Morgan seemed determined to finish what he started in the first challenge. Koyliak had to answer back and managed to tie the score with an apt kick followed by a leap. The two fighters exchanged blows in a trade only to set the stage for Morgan taking match point with a takedown on the fashionista. Foreshadowing the night's affairs the fight took a dramatic turn as Koyliak defended against another kick bringing the bout to sudden death. Unlike the first time these two met Morgan managed to secure the first fight with a defense bringing him halfway to the finish line. Starting the second match in stride, Koyliak opened with a swift evasion. Morgan equalized only to have Koyliak retain the lead after another few exchanges. Akin to the first match of the night after a swift takedown by Morgan our fighters exchanged blows to reach sudden death yet again. A momentary lapse in the action was the only respite offered before Morgan sealed the evening's affairs with a flip to the fashionista. In two victories, 5-4 in 9 and 5-4 in 10, Morgan LaFey won his first Opal and claimed Aqua Master.
♦ 09-02-21 Newly minted Aqua Master Morgan LaFey needn't wait long for his first challenge to find him. Jaycy, by virtue of "needing the Opal for a bit", approached Morgan with the challenge ready. The two settled the date over lunch and with that, fate ran its course. On the night of the challenge the two began with Morgan opening with a calculated decisive strike; a foretelling of how the night would end. Jaycy dipped into the strike only to retaliate with a kick evening up the score. She followed up with a takedown and as she moved to keep her momentum, Morgan feinted and showed us his prowess wasn't exclusive to only the rings on the Isle. His follow up came with a throw before Jaycy overcame his kick with her own, equalizing at three a piece. Once more they collided low accelerating our first match to a dramatic sudden death. One brief respite came, a missed opportunity by the challenger and then a punctuating punch sealed it for Morgan. Not green in the business of fights, Jaycy opened the next match by taking down Morgan with a quick rebound from the close defeat she had just experienced. Sometimes experience is calculated risk, others a brief flash of hubris, Jaycy wound up a fantastical kick only to surrender her lead as quickly as she had gotten it. This would serve as merely a setback as Jaycy then continued pushing with a jab, doubling up in retort. Her aggression was yet to wane; a combo came out that now Morgan was prepared for with an adept evasion, equalizing to two a piece. Once more our challenger vaulted an offense and quickly did an about-face, to secure a swift match point in two consecutive rounds. Morgan got one back with an abrasive jab only to receive the slip in the next round promising this challenge would go the distance. Ready to grasp victory both fighters struck for an opening salvo in the final match. Morgan doubled up with impressive legwork but Jaycy quickly recovered, not allowing him to run away early in the match. Once more they went low in a mirror of the opening round, but that would be the last our challenger saw of a scoring round. Morgan answered Jaycy's aggression with a well timed maneuver and said no to her mirrored attempt. In three bouts, 5-4 in 9, 3-5 in 8 and 5-3 in 6, Morgan claimed his first defense as the holder of IceDancer!

Koyliak     2021-03-01 - 2021-07-01   ( 122 days )

♦ 03-01-21 Challenges are all the rage- at least that's what Koyliak believed when she proclaimed her challenge to Karma for IceDancer(it was fashionable). Eager for a test Karma accepted and these two fashionable ladies sought to duke it out on the first and so they did. In what can only be described as a one-sided affair, Koyliak took the first match of the night in a lightning round dropping only a single point in 7 rounds. The second match saw Karma finding more ground and tripling her points from the first yet it was Koyliak who came out on top in a pair of victories on the night, 5-1 in 7 and 5-3 in 8 to secure her first reign of IceDancer.
♦ 04-03-21 Koyliak would rest for about a month before her first challenger came knocking in the form of Morgan LaFey. The newly minted Emerald gave few reasons other than a desire to dance with the Opal for his motives and Koyliak took no exception. The two met on the third to settle the score. In the first match Koyliak bulldozed her way to an unobstructed 4-0 lead. It seemed as though Koy would find herself an easy first match only to have Morgan scrape back three points consecutively threatening a comeback to sudden death. This was felled short as Koyliak swept him off his feet for the first victory. The second match was a much closer affair; it was Morgan's turn to burn out the gate claiming an early 3-1 lead. Koy managed to wrestle back the score to 3-3 before Morgan claimed match point. Koy offered a decisive blow to lead to sudden death before Morgan found his winning salvo with some fancy footwork of his own. The third and final match to rest the fate of IceDancer opened with our challenger accruing an early lead of 2-0. Unfortunately this would be the most Morgan would take off the fashionista as she returned fire for an unanswered 5-2 victory. With a full three bouts of 5-3 in 11, 4-5 in 10 and 5-2 in 8 Koyliak defends IceDancer.

Strawberry     2021-01-16 - 2021-03-01   ( 44 days )

♦ 01-16-21 With her second place finish in the 104th Diamond Quest, Karma became the latest dueler to take home IceDancer!

(vacant)     2021-01-10 - 2021-01-16   ( 6 days )

Eregor     2020-08-23 - 2021-01-10   ( 140 days )

♦ 08-23-20 Not content with the results of his previous attempt, Eregor set out once more to wrangle IceDancer from Gren's hands. The first match started out with a slight favor to Gren in the opener. Over the next eleven grueling rounds the lead was exchanged several times yet never passed the threshold of a single point lead. After three consecutive sudden death rounds, Eregor managed to secure the first duel with a well time toss. The second bout saw a bit of a different curve. Early on the fighters were evenly matched until Eregor began to mount what looked like a steady pace to finalizing his first Opal. Gren wasn't content with the pace and managed to rally back to sudden death from a 4-2 deficit. Much like the first challenge and duel of this one, it took sudden death for the win- Eregor claimed IceDancer with a planted kick, winning in two duels 5-4 in 12 and 5-4 in 11.
♦ 09-30-20 Eregor's first challenge would come by the hands of John Doe, aka The Unburied. Having won the first DoF All Ranks Tournament John utilized the Fistmelda's Tusk challenge grant to challenge Eregor stating only his cryptic intention as, "I wonder what you taste like." The first of three bouts started with the title holder opening strong with a punch in the Pond(Eregor's ring of choice). His lead was short lived as John Doe dominated four straight points away and ended up securing the bout with a punch of his own. The second bout took place on Styx(Unburied's selection) and in a mirror image of the first John opened up with a lead only for Eregor to wrestle it back to match point. In 10 grueling rounds, John Doe brought it to sudden death before Eregor was able to catch himself his first bout victory of the night. The third and final match took place in the Pit(Eregor's second choice) and was the most exhausting of the three. Both fighters kept the duel within reach as Eregor found himself at match point. John was not content and brought the night to it's second sudden death before Eregor ultimately solidified his first defense of the IceDancer Opal. He did so with the scores of 1-5 in 7, 5-4 in 10 and 5-4 in 14.
♦ 01-10-21 Upon losing hold over the Tower of Water on Twilight Isle, Eregor decided to retire his claim over IceDancer. The Opal was to become a prize in the upcoming Diamond Quest.

Gren Blockman     2020-05-24 - 2020-08-23   ( 91 days )

♦ 05-24-20 Gren set out to contest Matt for IceDancer stating it to be his last hurdle before he would attain the prestigious achievement of All-Title Holder in the Duel of Fists. The first of two fights snowballed in Gren's favor culminating in a shutout, 5-0 in 7 rounds. The second started out in Gren's favor as well as he rattled off to a 3-1 lead. Matt pulled it back to a tie at 3-3 before Gren ultimately sealed the challenge with a score of 5-3 in 11. With this win Gren joined the elite echelon that bear the title, Heir of Stormfist.
♦ 07-05-20 Using his challenge grant Eregor would be the first test to Gren's reign as holder of IceDancer. The first duel between the two would amount to a staggering 12 round slugfest with half the rounds teetering on sudden death. Gren ultimately claimed the victory with a well timed jab. The second duel was a quicker affair yet just as evenly contested. Gren lead by a point for most of the duel before it too went to sudden death, where Gren sealed the deal with his stalwart defense. Gren won the night with two wins, 5-4 in 12 and 5-4 in 7 respectively earning his first defense.

Matthew Algiers Simon     2020-04-29 - 2020-05-24   ( 25 days )

♦ 04-29-20 With the Opals newly reformed and the Simon family's well documented obsession with the gems, it perhaps wasn't surprising that both Matt and Koy issued challenge within minutes of each other. Matt chose to challenge for IceDancer, the Opal with which he'd set longest-reign and consecutive defense records in the past. Although Hope won the first duel in a much easier fashion than the score suggests (5-3 in 8), she found Matt taking a lead she couldn't come back from in the second (5-3 in 7). Hope jumped out to a 4-2 lead in the final duel but couldn't secure the final point (5-4 in 10) leaving Matt to reclaim IceDancer!

Hope     2019-07-31 - 2020-04-29   ( 273 days )

♦ 07-31-19 Once Eden Parker won Diamond Quest XCVIII in mid July, Hope was free to come after IceDancer again, and she did, taking Dizzy down in short order with 5-3 in 11 and 5-3 in 9 victories. With the loss, Dizzy fell one day short of Jin's reign-length and settles into 3rd place for longest single IceDancer reign at 586 days.
♦ 01-06-20 Citing personal reasons for doing so, Koyliak VanDuran-Simon challenged Hope for the blue opal. Though it took all 3 duels (Hope 5-2 in 7; Koy 5-4 in 9; Hope 5-2 in 8), Hope notched another defense and kept hold of IceDancer!

Dizzy Flores     2017-12-22 - 2019-07-31   ( 586 days )

♦ 12-22-17 Dizzy fought hard to claim IceDancer, losing the first bout (5-4 in 13). She came on strong in the second with a dominating performance (5-1 in 5). She had trouble with Jin Chae in the final bout, by the sixth round they were tied at 3, but Dizzy took the next two rounds to win the opal, (5-3 in 8).
♦ 02-25-18 After several reschedulings, Diz finally got into the ring with Gren and put down his challenge in 2 bouts. 5-3 in 7 and 5-1 in 6.
♦ 04-13-19 Looking for a workout, Hope Naharis challenged Diz for IceDancer on April 3rd and the match was scheduled for the 13th. On April 12th, though, Hope won Diamond Quest XCVII (her third career Diamond title) and the challenge to Dizzy did not proceed.

Jenny Chae     2016-05-14 - 2017-12-22   ( 587 days )

♦ 05-14-15 Jenny took the blue rock from Apple in 3 bouts, (5-3, 1-5, 5-3) during a double challenge event in which both FireStar and IceDancer were fought over.
♦ 12-28-16 In a double Simon on Chae challenge night (KC also defending ShadoWeaver from Matt), Jenny dominated Koy and defended the opal in 2 bouts, 5-2 and 5-3.

Andrea "Apple" Anderson     2016-04-03 - 2016-05-14   ( 41 days )

♦ 04-03-16 Vacant since DQ LXXIV, the blue rock became the consolation prize in DQ LXXXV and was picked up by Apple, while Harris took top prize.

(vacant)     2016-01-24 - 2016-04-03   ( 70 days )

Hope Naharis     2015-12-16 - 2016-01-24   ( 39 days )

♦ 12-16-15 In a pair of sudden death, 5-4 in 10, finishes, Hope took the rock from the warlock.
♦ 01-24-16 Hope came out on top of a 6 person field to win DQ LXXXIV, leaving IceDancer vacant.

Shale     2015-10-08 - 2015-12-16   ( 69 days )

♦ 09-10-15 Shale was the first to challenge Apple and the warlock's skeletal minion made quick work of the incumbent, winning 5-1 and 5-3.

Andrea "Apple" Anderson     2015-09-10 - 2015-10-08   ( 28 days )

♦ 09-10-15 IceDancer and FireStar became prizes in the Ice & Fire Spectacular tournament. Apple took first place in the duel points portion of the contest and selected the blue rock.

(vacant)     2015-07-27 - 2015-09-10   ( 45 days )

Jin "Jenny" Chae     2014-07-27 - 2015-07-27   ( 365 days )

♦ 07-27-14 Jenny laid claim to the Opal after defeating a field of 9 other Emeralds in a Fists Only specialty tournament.
♦ 03-25-15 Defended against G'nort in 3 bouts. (5-1 in 9, 4-5 in 9 and 5-4 in 9)
♦ 07-27-15 Jenny retires IceDancer on the anniversary of winning it.

(vacant)     2014-06-19 - 2014-07-27   ( 38 days )

Lilly Hyde     2013-12-29 - 2014-06-19   ( 172 days )

♦ 12-29-13 Lilly, recipient of a challenge grant for winning the "Tournament of Challengers", challenged and defeated Melanie to claim the Blue Opal. (6-5 in 11, 3-5 in 8, and 5-3 in 11)
♦ 02-12-14 Defended against Clarice Queen in two straight duels (5-4 in 11, 5-3 in 7).
♦ 03-24-14 Defended against Anubis Karos in two straight duels (6-5 in 14, 5-2 in 7).
♦ 05-01-14 Defended against Charlie Nine in two straight duels (5-1 in 9, 5-4 in 9).
♦ 06-19-14 Stripped of the title due to falling below the minimum wins over losses requirement.

Melanie Rostol     2013-12-02 - 2013-12-29   ( 27 days )

♦ 12-02-13 Melanie offered a challenged to Nayun, if Nayun was willing to waive grace. Nayun waived grace, and the two duelers fought the same evening. Melanie walked away with the opal after two straight wins. (5-3 in 8, 5-4 in 8)

Nayun     2013-08-20 - 2013-12-02   ( 104 days )

♦ 08-20-13 Nayun defeated Matt in two straight matches (5-3 in 8 and 5-0 in 7) to end his historic Opal reign at 1155 days and 12 consecutive defenses.
♦ 09-09-13 Defended against Rena Cronin, winning two duels to one (5-1, 5-6, 5-3).
♦ 10-02-13 Defended against Anubis Karos, winning two duels to one (4-5, 5-3, 5-2).
♦ 11-23-13 Defended against Xanth, winning two duels to one (5-4, 2-5, 5-2).

Matthew Algiers Simon     2010-06-23 - 2013-08-20   ( 1154 days )

♦ 06-23-10 Matthew Simon took hold of IceDancer, coming out on top of an eight-dueler tournament field.
♦ 09-08-10 Defended against Tasslehofl Momus, winning two duels to none.
♦ 02-18-11 Defended against Tasslehofl Momus, winning two duels to one.
♦ 04-21-11 Defended against Wyheree, winning two duels to one.
♦ 08-01-11 Defended against Mur Ollavan, winning two duels to one.
♦ 10-03-11 Defended against Wyheree, winning two straight duels.
♦ 01-02-12 Defended against Mur Ollavan, winning two straight duels.
♦ 06-03-12 Defended against Mur Ollavan (again), winning two straight duels (5-1 and then 5-0).
♦ 07-16-12 Defended against Ria Graziano, winning two straight duels (5-4 and then 5-3).
♦ 11-23-12 Defended against King, winning two of three duels (1-5 in 7, 5-3 in 8, and then 5-1 in 7).
♦ 03-04-13 Defended against Anubis Karos, winning two of straight duels (5-4 in 10 and 5-4 in 11). First successful defense of an Opal 10 times in a row.
♦ 04-21-13 Defended against Rakeesh Sah Tarna, winning two of three duels (5-4 in 14, 2-5 in 6, and 5-4 in 9). New record of 11 Opal defenses.
♦ 06-19-13 Defended against Mur Ollavan, winning two of three duels (5-3 in 9, 3-5 in 8, and finally a shut-out 5-0 in 7). Upping the record to 12 Opal defenses.

(vacant)     2010-04-25 - 2010-06-23   ( 59 days )

Sartan     2010-01-20 - 2010-04-25   ( 95 days )

♦ 01-20-10 Sartan beat Dizzy in two of three matches to claim IceDancer for his own.
♦ 04-25-10 In besting the entire field of Diamond Quest 61, Sartan gave up his hold of IceDancer for that of Diamond.

Dizzy Flores     2009-08-02 - 2010-01-20   ( 171 days )

♦ 08-02-09 As first place winner of the Fourth InterGender War, Dizzy Flores was awarded this Opal as her prize.

(vacant)     2009-06-10 - 2009-08-02   ( 53 days )

Erasmus al' Mandragor     2008-07-27 - 2009-06-10   ( 318 days )

♦ 07-27-08 After being abandoned by Harris D'Artainian, this Opal was put up as a prize in the 2008 Tag Team Tournament. Erasmus emerged victorious to claim this Opal as his own.
♦ 06-10-09 Failing to respond to a challenge issued by Dizzy Flores, IceDancer was retired from his care.

(vacant)     2008-04-06 - 2008-07-27   ( 112 days )

Harris D'Artainian     2007-04-01 - 2008-04-06   ( 371 days )

♦ 04-01-07 Harris gave challenge to Grayson for IceDancer, and Harris defeated Grayson in two straight duels to become the new holder.
♦ 06-19-07 Defended against Bran Bale.
♦ 04-06-08 Harris retired his claim to IceDancer.

Grayson MacLeod     2006-10-15 - 2007-04-01   ( 168 days )

♦ 10-15-06 Anubis Karos offered an open challenge to anyone interested in trying to take IceDancer from him. Grayson MacLeod stepped forward as the first challenger and succeeded in defeating Anubis (5-3 in 11, and 5-4 in 10) to become the new holder of IceDancer.
♦ 10-19-06 Defended against Vinny Smith.
♦ 01-30-06 Defended against Anubis Karos.

Anubis Karos     2006-08-29 - 2006-10-15   ( 47 days )

♦ 08-29-06 Anubis defeated Vincent Smith in two straight duels (5-3 in 10, and 5-3 in 7) to claim IceDancer.

Vincent Smith     2006-05-25 - 2006-08-29   ( 96 days )

♦ 05-25-06 Vincent Smith defeated Gork in two straight duels (5-3 in 12, and 5-3 in 9) to claim IceDancer.

Gork     2005-09-29 - 2006-05-25   ( 238 days )

♦ 09-29-05 Gork became the holder of IceDancer after placing second in the Summer Solstice tournament.
♦ 02-20-06 Defended against Cas Maximius.

(vacant)     2005-07-25 - 2005-09-29   ( 66 days )

Farek     2005-04-18 - 2005-07-25   ( 98 days )

♦ 04-18-05 Farek defeated Jigglypuff 2 duels to 1 to claim IceDancer as his own.
♦ 07-03-05 Defended against Pslyder.
♦ 07-25-05 Retired his claim to the Opal.

Jigglypuff     2004-11-03 - 2005-04-18   ( 166 days )

♦ 11-03-04 Jigglypuff came out on top of the Masquerade Brawl to claim IceDancer.
♦ 12-04-04 Defended against Mur Ollavan.

(vacant)     2004-07-17 - 2004-11-03   ( 109 days )

Xerzes Maureen     2004-04-27 - 2004-07-17   ( 81 days )

♦ 04-27-04 After 8 consecutive unsuccessful challenges, Xerzes challenges Dizzy for IceDancer one more time and wins in two duels, earning his first opal.
♦ 05-11-04 Defended against Max Blue.
♦ 07-17-04 Given up after winning Diamond.

Dizzy Flores     2004-01-07 - 2004-04-27   ( 111 days )

♦ 01-07-04 Gork holds an "open challenge night" and invites anyone eligible to challenge for Icedancer. Dizzy Flores is the first to take up the challenge - and the last. She wins in three duels.

Gork     2003-08-27 - 2004-01-07   ( 133 days )

♦ 08-27-03 Despite being a relative newcomer to the sport, Gork took the blue opal from Cory in two duels.
♦ 09-22-03 Grayson MacLeod immediately challenged Gork on the grounds that the opal holder hit an unarmed lady. However, he would fail to champion this cause and lose to Gork in three duels.
♦ 10-29-03 Grayson challenges Gork again, losing in three.
♦ 12-03-03 Third time is not the charm; Grayson challenges Gork again, losing in two.
♦ 12-07-03 Defended against Cory Havoick in two.
♦ 12-17-03 Defended against Tim Enralyte in two.

Cory Havoick     2003-04-29 - 2003-08-27   ( 120 days )

♦ 04-29-03 Sucessfully challenged Anubis for the blue opal, winning in two consecutive duels, as he had publicly promised on the cork.

Anubis Karos     2003-03-22 - 2003-04-29   ( 38 days )

♦ 03-22-03 Sucessfully challenged Grayson for Icedancer, winning the opal in three duels.

Grayson MacLeod     2003-01-25 - 2003-03-22   ( 56 days )

♦ 01-25-03 Sucessfully challenged Ria for Icedancer, winning the opal in three duels.

Alexandria Wells-Graziano     2003-01-04 - 2003-01-25   ( 21 days )

♦ 01-04-03 Sucessfully challenged Manni for Icedancer, winning the opal in two concecutive overtime duels.

Manni Cohai     2002-12-10 - 2003-01-04   ( 25 days )

♦ 12-10-02 Manni was the third challenger to step up to Harris' open challenge, finally besting the brawler to become IceDancer's newest holder.

Harris D'Artainian     2002-06-05 - 2002-12-10   ( 188 days )

♦ 06-05-02 Sucessfully challenged Chris for IceDancer.
♦ 06-17-02 Defended against Xerzes Maureen.
♦ 08-21-02 Defended against Anubis Karos.
♦ 12-10-02 Harris instituted an open challenge night, where any eligible emerald could come and take a crack at his title. Three tried tried before one finally succeeded. Xerzes Maureen was the first.
♦ 12-10-02 Defended against Dominic Fetzer, the second challenger.

Chris Graziano     2002-05-05 - 2002-06-05   ( 31 days )

♦ 05-05-02 Sucessfully challenged Jake for BeerCooler.
♦ 05-23-02 Defended against Stick.

Jake Thrash     2001-10-16 - 2002-05-05   ( 201 days )

♦ 10-16-01 Jake was tricked by Tareth into fighting for the opal, but reluctantly took it anyhow.
♦ 02-25-02 Defended against Dizzy Flores.

Tareth Thorn     2001-08-09 - 2001-10-16   ( 68 days )

♦ 09-09-01 Sucessfully challenged Daelin for IceDancer.
♦ 10-09-01 Tareth issued a challenge to all the emeralds to come and try to take his opal. He wouldn't be taking advantage of the 30 day grace period between challenges. He defended it sucessfully against three emeralds before someone finally beat him; First up was Magnus Highborn
♦ 10-10-01 Janella Vallonia was second.
♦ 10-14-01 Jaycy Ashleana was third.

Daelin Dragonsblade     2000-02-20 - 2001-08-09   ( 536 days )

♦ 02-20-00 Daelin sucessfully challenged Dizzy and claimed IceDancer, only the second to do so through process of challenge.
♦ 05-09-00 Defended against Tareth Thorn.
♦ 05-04-01 Defended against Alexandria Wells.
♦ 06-20-01 Defended against Dizzy Flores.

Dizzy Flores     1999-11-10 - 2000-02-20   ( 102 days )

♦ 11-10-99 Once more there was a quest for the infamous opal after Bane left the rank to become the diamond. This time the soldier Dizzy laid claim to it, also going undefeated.

(vacant)     1999-10-16 - 1999-11-10   ( 25 days )

Bane     1999-02-16 - 1999-10-16   ( 242 days )

♦ 02-16-99 Once the opal had been recovered, very few sought the tainted reputation that came with it. Bane claimed it in an opal quest, going undefeated in hopes of once more bringing honor to the title of the blue opal holder.

(vacant)     1998-07-31 - 1999-02-16   ( 200 days )

Shannon Kimberly Colton     1998-03-24 - 1998-07-31   ( 129 days )

♦ 03-24-98 Sucessfully challenged Nova for IceDancer.
♦ 07-17-98 Defended against Roland Sal Roa in what is believed to be the longest opal battle in history, with a finishing score of 7-8.
♦ 07-??-98 Shannon attempted to destroy the blue opal at DQ XIV, leading to its disappearance and creating a historic scandal.

Nova Shayde     1997-10-11 - 1998-03-24   ( 164 days )

♦ 10-11-97 Placing fourth in DQ XI, Nova chose the blue opal, IceDancer.
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