The 98th Overlord

Terry King

Under the new challenge rules, Warlord Terry King used both of her challenge grants to once again attempt to gain the title of Overlord, this time from Gren Blockman. Gren opted to test the Warlord, using Senior Baron of New Haven, Jake Thrash. The sole Renegade Baron, Aya Hayashibara, stood in as the Warlord's Champion. Jake defeated Aya by a score of 5-4, coming back from being down 4-2 with three unanswered points. Terry King then took the ring against Jake and defeated him in eleven rounds by a score of 5-3.

Gren then stepped in to face his challenger, who gained the upper hand early. But the battle continued back and forth, each scoring until Terry held a 4-3 lead. In the eleventh round a trade of cuts brought her the title of Overlord.

Upon being banished to Renegade Status while under challenge by Melanie Rostol, Baron Artemus Kurgen issued challenge to the Overlord.

Cory issues challenge to the Overlord.

Terry King again banishes loyal Baron and her significant other Melanie Rostol to Renegade status, Melanie then uses the same clause as Artemus did and issues immediate challenge.

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