The 96th Overlord

Morgan le Fay

Using her prize from the Spring Cycle Warlord tournament, Warlord Claire Farron issued challenge to Morgan le Fay for her title. The Overlord chose a single bout, and both the Overlord and the Warlord battled hard, taking the match into sudden death and beyond before Morgan secured her victory with a lunge into Claire as she dropped into a ducking maneuver, ending the match with the final score of 6-5 in 9 rounds.

By virtue of gaining 15 SoA in one weekend and there being a majority of Renegade Baron, Morgan le Fay was challenged by Warlord Terry King. The Overlord opted to have the Warlord, Teagan Rielea, test the challenger. This test was, in turn, attempted to be blocked by Renegade Baroness Aya Hayashibara. In a 10 round battle, the Overlords champion defeated the Baroness by a score of 5-3, stepping around the Baronesses defense for the final point.

The second match saw Teagan face off against Terry, but apparently the fire had gone out of the challenger as Teagan handily defeated her in 5 rounds with a final score of 5-2, thus allowing the Overlord to retain her title.

Using his prize for winning the Summer Cycle Warlord Tournament, Gren Blockman issued his challenge to Morgan. The two fought in a single match format and in the end, Gren defeated Morgan 5-3 in 10 rounds to become the new Overlord.

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