The 90th Overlord

Candy Hart

Candy Hart's challenge for the mantle /

In the 2012 edition of the multi/sport Hydra tournament, Team Beat Down was a clear leader almost from the get/go, obliterating the competition in both titles garnered and everyday wins achieved. However, among the teams that gave some semblance of competition was the notorious Great of Strength...even though it was agreed by virtually all observers that the team was carried by the spectacular performance of the lich Xanth Van Bokkelen. So it was rather fitting that Xanth van Bokkelen would win the 3rd Quarter 2012 Warlord's Tournament//and perhaps even more fitting that he would defeat his team captain in the finals//and challenge Candy for the mantle.

The Overlady selected a one-duel format. The duo traded cuts to start, and followed with mutual evasive tactics. From there, the library-loving lich took a small lead, losing it in the sixth round as Candy deftly evaded his lateral parry with a duck. Xanth then attempted a double/cut, with the first cut landing and bringing him to match point, and the second cut failing and leading to a sudden death situation. In the next round, however, Candy pulled out her "clutch outmaneuvering skills" to retain the mantle, 5-4 in 9 rounds. /

(More to Come)

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