The 88th Overlord

Ellisa Morgan

Stating that she wished to take the title from Mur before he could award a grant to someone if they would challenge her, Ellisa Morgan beat him to the punch and issued a challenge to him. Mur made no secret that he was looking for someone to test the Baroness before she had to face him, but seemed to have trouble recruiting a champion, finally picking commoner ranked Kelathe Skelicia.

The Baroness countered with former Overlord Aya Hayashibara, who defeated the Overlords champion and cleared the way for Ellisa to face against Mur. Ellisa defeated Mur to gain the title of Overlord and awarded her previous Baronial title to her champion, Aya Hayashibara.

Ellisa's first challenge came from a special event. Duel of Swords Administration awarded a Halloween "Trick or Treat" Challenge to all lower ranks to challenge on a first come, first serve basis. And The one to issue challenge to Ellisa Morgan was from the Wrecking Crew, one Ria Graziano.

Ellisa had the Swordswoman tested, and ended up victorious against this challenge to retain her title.(*Verification needed)

Stating a desire to face against the best, Baroness of Old Temple, Nayun, issued Ellisa's second challenge. Ellisa chose to test her challenger and called on Tasslehofl to be her champion. Shadow stepped in as Nayun's champion and the two got to it. It remained close, but in the end Shadow won the test 6-4.5 in 13 rounds and Nayun's right to fight against Ellisa. In the end, it was a quick match as Ellisa won the challenge 5-2 in 9 rounds.

Ellisa's third challenge came from Teagan, who utilized her prize from the Winter 2012 Warlord Tournament and after eight furious rounds of giving and also taking, Ellisa successfully defended her title with a final score of 5-4.

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