The 85th Overlord


Imp has been the strangest Overlord to date. His antics are well known in the Arena during his calling shift, and the way in which he became Overlord was similarly unusual.

A experimental rule addition to help increase the value of the Talon of Redwin tournament for those beneath the rank of Warlord was that the holder of the Talon would be granted special privilege to enter the next Warlord Tournament. Imp went undefeated in that tournament and won the right to challenge the Overlord, Ticallion Carter.

The Overlord chose a best-of-three format, and the Imp controlled the matches from the start, winning the first match 5-3 in 8 rounds, and 5.5-3 in 7 rounds to become the first ever Commoner Overlord.

It took less than a week for the newly crowned Overlord to be issued challenge and first up was Renegade Baroness Teagan Rielea, apparently heartbroken due to the affections the Overlord showered on the other women in the Arena. The match was settled in a single duel, with Imp taking a commanding lead and never looking back, defeating Teagan 5-2 in 6 quick rounds.

That same month another challenge was issued to the Overlord, this one from Warlord Aya Hayashibara who had been given a challenge grant from the Madness tournament winner Maria Graziano. Aya was eager to get her hands around the Overlord's neck, but Imp decided a Test of Worthiness was in order first and his relative and second, Gimpno, stepped forward to administer it. It took Aya eleven hard fought rounds but in the end she triumphed over Gimpno, 6-4.5. Imp then stepped into the ring to face the Warlady himself and the crowd was treated to another eleven round melee, though this time Imp was victorious by a score of 6-4.5.

Neo Eternity placed second in the Madness tournament that year and was afforded a challenge grant for his placing. Wishing to utilize his grant before it expired he issued challenge for the mantle. Imp opted to settle another challenge with a single match and had no trouble dispatching Neo, defeating him 5-1 in 5 swift rounds.

The winner of the Spring Warlord Tournament was Verceterix Gavin Favre and he took advantage of his prize of an intercession free challenge to the Overlord. In what had become typical fashion for Imp the match was decided in a single match with Imp never falling behind in the match and only allowing the challenger two points, the final score being 5-2 after 9 rounds.

Not satisfied with her earlier attempt to wrest the mantle from Imp, Teagan came back to issue the "OverP'Imp" another challenge. After a bit of seesawing in the earlier rounds Imp secured the lead and eventually defeated Teagan a second time, by the score of 5-3 in 8 rounds.

Another challenge came rapid fire for Imp, this time from Warlord Rand al'Tan with very little fanfare and no stated reason behind the issuance of challenge. As per the usual for Imp a single duel would determine who would walk away with the title of Overlord. After nine rounds of dueling it was Imp that was victorious for the sixth time, defeating Rand 5-3 to climb into the record books.

By virtue of holding a record below the 15 wins over losses mark, Imp was open to challenge by his Loyal Barons, and Wyheree Ravenlock g'Ark'hiradan took advantage of this fact by doing just that. When the date of the challenge arrived Warlord Harris D'Artainian made a case to test the Loyal Baroness, taking issue with her reasoning and method in regard to challenging as a Loyal. Imp agreed to allow the test to proceed and Wyheree countered with her second, former Overlord Xenograg kathu-Darelir. The two champions settled the match in nine rounds, with Harris taking the win with a score of 5-1. Wyheree was then forced to enter the ring with Harris to fight for her right to challenge. The Baroness took an early lead, but it was Harris that eventually took the match, defeating Wyheree 5-1.5 in 9 rounds. The mantle was successfully defended with Imp never having to step into the ring himself.

Proving himself once more to be an adept swordsman, Warlord Neo Eternity stood tall as the winner of the Fall Warlord Tournament and was granted a second opportunity to challenge the OverP'Imp. Imp opted yet again to duel the Warlord in a single match and the score was no different from their previous encounter, with the Overlord coming out on top 5-1 in 6 rounds.

Once the results of the previous challenge were made official Renegade Baroness Teagan Rielea issued immediate challenge to the OverP'Imp for the mantle, making it her third attempt to wrest the title from his grasp during his tenure. When the date of the match arrived the Overlord decided to test the Baroness and it was, for the second time, Warlord Harris D'Artainian that was called upon to do so. At first it seemed as though the Baroness would undertake the test herself, but upon the arrival of Warlord Jaycynda Ashleana a brief, hushed conversation took place between the two. After a moment Teagan announced to the crowd that Jaycy would be the one to champion her. It took a total of eleven rounds but eventually Jaycy ended the match with a simple parry to take a 5-4 win, allowing the match between Teagan and Imp to proceed.

The duel opened strongly in Imp's favor, with the Overlord scoring three points in three rounds. After a trading of thrusts and matching low strikes the Overlord skirted away from Teagan's thrust to secure the match in his favor, 5-1 in 6 rounds. After the conclusion of the match Teagan handed over the ring to Dragon's Gate and informed the crowd that she was vacating the Barony.

After ascending to the rank of Baron, Rand al'Tan decided it was the proper time to issue another challenge to Overlord Imp. His challenge notice was succinct and the match was fought a week and a half later. Imp opted for a single duel format once more and defeated Rand with the same score as their previous encounter, 5-3 in 7 rounds to mark his tenth successful defense of the mantle.

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