The 81st Overlord

Tasslehofl Momus

After winning the title of Overlord, Baron Cassius Maximus quickly announced his intention to issue challenge for the Mantle. Once official, he formally pressed the challenge. The challenge, in general was a hard fought match, and in the first battle, it was Cassius who defeated the Overlord, 5.5-2 in 10 rounds. It was the second match that was more epic of the challenge, though in the end it was the Overlord who was victorious, defeating the Baron 5-4 in 14 rounds. Moving to the third and final match, the Baron's opening defense would be the only time he would both lead and score on the Overlord, who dispatched the challenger with relative ease, defending his title with a 5-0.5 victory.

Tasslehofl's next challenge would come from another Warlord Tournament prize holder, Teagan Rielea. Meeting the challenge, the Overlord opted for a single match, and in the end, it was Teagan who was still standing, having become the 82nd Overlord of the Duel of Swords by defeating Tasslehofl 5-4 in 11 rounds.

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