The 79th Overlord

Drey Starke

After winning the title of Overlord, Drey proceeded to make a declaration of "rules" regarding the Arena and most particularly, in dealing with him, including the wearing of a dunce hat should you face him and lose.

Not long after gaining the title, Drey was challenged almost immediately by Baron Tormay Eludes. When the time for this match came, Drey opted to test Tormay and had Warlord Erin Dunbridge step in against Tormay. Not to be outdone, Tormay prepared to have Topaz Eludes champion him, but Baroness Teagan Rielea declared herself renegade and claimed her right to be Tormay's champion.

The first match did not take very long, as the Baroness defeated the Warlady by the score of 5-1.5 in 7 rounds, forcing the Overlord to take to the ring against the Challenger.

The bout against the Overlord took a longer amount of time, but in the end, Tormay defeated the Overlord 5-2.5 in 13 rounds to become the 80th Overlord of the Duel of Swords.

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