The 77th Overlord

Xeric Mues

After defeating Rakeesh, the first order of business Xeric had was holding a tournament to award the Overlord Grant. He selected three duelists, and had the Barons each select a duelist to participate. In the end, Tormay Eludes was victorious and was awarded the challenge grant.

The next order of business was holding a tournament for lower ranks in which the winner would be allowed to be the Overlord for a two week period of time, and the runner up the Baron of Dragon's Gate. The winners of this tournament were Simini and Wyheree.

At this time a disastrous error caused the challenge to the Ovelord to be lost. After being declared invalid for lateness, the decision was overturned and Warlord Drey Starke was permitted to go through with his challenge. At the same time, a challenge to the Baroness of Dockside, Jaycy Ashleana was taking place with errors in communication. Overlord Xeric Mues was to meet the Warlord, but used the decision on the Face-Jaycy matter as his reason for not showing up to the scheduled challenge match. For this, he was judged in forfeit of the title and the matter went before the Barons Council.

The decision was made by the councilto hold a Baron Tournament and allow Xeric to enter it, and allow challenger Drey Starke to decide if he wished to enter, or to face the victor. Drey chose to face the victor of the tournament.

For the Barons Tournament, there were only four entrants. Aya Hayashibara, Xenograg Darelir, Bran Bale and Xeric Mues. Aya defeated Xenograg 6-5 in 15 rounds, and Bran defeated Xeric 5-3 in 8 rounds. Aya and Bran faced off against each other in a match where the Baroness held the lead up to the 7th round. The Baron then scored two unanswered points to come back and take the match by the score of 5-4 in 9 rounds and become the 78th Overlord of the Duel of Swords.

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