The 74th Overlord

Roland Salsinger

After winning the mantle from Cletus, Roland had to defend the title against longtime friend of Cletus, Damien Mortis.

Invoking the Test of Worthiness, Sartan was called upon to fight Damien. After a mix-up with who would defend Damiens right to challenge, Xeric Mues stepped into the ring with Sartan. Coming within one point of victory, Xeric was unable to secure the win, forcing Damien to prove himself. Damien did so quickly, only seven rounds with Sartan to finish the challenge of worthiness.

Rolands defense against Damien started off with impressive legwork back and forth, and continued to be a duel more about defense and maneuver than well placed strikes. The ninth round, tied at four points each, Roland kept his nerves in check as he danced away from Damiens thrust to successfully defend his title.

Rolands next challenge came with the winner of the Winter Warlords Tournament. Aurora Blackmane issued challenge, and they met in a best-of-three to determine the winner.

The first match looked to be in Rolands favor early on, but he did not score after the third round. Aurora took the momentum of the first match with her into the second, winning by a decisive four point lead, taking the title away from Roland.

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