The 72nd Overlord

Harris D'Artainian

It didn't take Harris long to settle into his position as Overlord after

defeating Quinn two matches to one, immediately attempting to enact new policies to affect the current Barons and their districts.

Unfortunately for Harris his reign would be short lived, as his first challenge came from three time Overlord and Spring Warlord Tournament victor, Cletus Ganderfald. Harris opted to settle the match in a best-of-three format and proved to be the quicker of the two out the gate. The Warlord was stymied and down 4-0 after five quick rounds. But that was to be the Overlord's first and last successful run. Four straight points by Cletus brought the match to sudden death before Harris closed it out. Cletus was not to be denied and over the course of the next two matches, he proved to the crowd just why he had held the mantle thrice before. He defeated Harris 5-3 in eight rounds and 5-2 in seven rounds to end Harris' reign.

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