The 71st Overlord

Anjolie Quinn

It is often said that a women knows her man much better than the man knows himself. This old saying was proven when Anjolie Quinn challenged, and defeated, her husband, Cory Havoick, to become the seventy-first Overlord of the Duel of Swords. While a strange event, it was not the first time that a woman challenged her husband as Jaycynda Ashleana had done the same to Lucian many years prior.

On the strength of thirty peer wins veteran Warlord Harris D'Artainian pressed immediate challenge to new Overlady Anjolie Quinn. The Overlady decided on a best-of-three format and the two quickly went to battle. Harris secured the first match with a 5-3 victory in nine rounds, but the Overlady bounced right back, winning the second match 5-4 in nine. The third and decisive match proved less intense than the previous two and found Harris claiming victory 5-2 in five quick rounds to become the Arena's newest Overlord.

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