The 68th Overlord

Karen Wilder

After battling her way through the winter 2006 Warlord Tournament, Karen Wilder claimed the prize she sought. Karen used the intercession free challenge to engage Overlord Ganderfald. In a very close eleven round match, Karen bested Cletus five to four to become the Sixty-eighth Overlord of the Duel of Swords.

After her victory over Cletus, numerous Baron lined up to dethrone Karen. The first to get his challenge in was Baron of the Old Market District, Bapheloctis. Baphe did not hide the fact that he was challenging to avenge Cletus' loss and even dueled under the banner Cletus always dueled under, the Flag of Polaris.

Unfortunately for Baphe, he also may have been dueling under Cletus' luck. In two short matches, Karen defended herself from the Baron with a five to three victory in eight rounds, and a very impressive perfect shut out.

The second challenge issued to Karen was also done to avenge Cletus' earlier loss. Karen Wilder was no stranger to the Baron of Seaside, Damien Mortis, and thus it was no surprise that she chose to issue a test of worthiness to him. Although they had always been known to be enemies, Karen selected Warlord Cassius Maximius to champion her cause, and Damien asked Warlord Skyler Chamberland to step in on his behalf. However, the Baron of New Haven, Rakeesh, overruled Damien's choice of champions and stepped in himself.

Rakeesh claimed that he was stepping in to avoid allowing Skyler the opportunity to claim another Barony if Skyler and Damien were victorious. Rakeesh stated Skyler was a criminal and that he would do whatever it took to keep him from becoming a Baron.

Skyler's bad luck proved to be the Overlord's good luck. In eleven rounds, Rakeesh paved the way for Damien to meet Karen. Damien did not let this opportunity slip past him and in a very close six to five, twelve round duel, became the new Overlord. Karen Wilder was awarded Damien's old Barony of Seaside.

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