The 66th Overlord

Tareth Thorn

Tareth Thorn's road to the mantle began after he was victorious in the fall 2005 Warlord Tournament and claimed the challenge to the Overlord as his prize. After a bloody challenge against Anubis Karos, Tareth's reign as Overlord officially began, and he quickly attempted to leave his mark. Not long after taking the throne, Tareth had the Overlord Mansion repainted a crimson red.

A highly publicized feud is always a good catalyst for an Overlord challenge. And that was the case with Tareth's first challenger, Cletus Ganderfald. The two had long been at odds, and had met in the ring several times to further exasperate the situation. In fact, Tareth's final victory in the previous Warlord Tournament had been against Cletus, and the two met only days before the Overlord challenge in an intercession duel for the Barony of New Haven.

Cletus' challenge for the mantle came after an attack on his property. Cletus blamed the Overlord; however he did not take responsibility for the attack. Rather, Tareth's champion for the evening, G'nort Dragoon Talanador did. He claimed the attack was in retaliation to a previous attack on his famed Golden Ivy Tavern by Cletus' wife, Arane Nausikaa. Wanting his chance in the ring with Cletus, G'nort was appointed the designated fighter for the Overlord's test of worthiness.

But Cletus was only after the Overlord in this instance and asked his ally, the Wardrac Bapheloctis, to assist him. After Baphe defeated G'nort in the test of worthiness match, Tareth opted to conclude the challenge one week later.

During that time, Cletus and Tareth met in an intercession duel over the Barony of New Haven so by the time they met for the crown, they were no stranger to each other's styles. In a quick, but bloody, eight round match, Cletus ended the immediate battle, but the feud went on.

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