The 64th Overlord

Rena A. Cronin

By virtue of her place in the summer 2005 Warlord Tournament, Rena Cronin received the intercession free challenge to the Overlord, which she promptly used to challenge Grayson MacLeod. In an intense nine round, five to four victory, Rena was able to dispatch Grayson and become the sixty-fourth Overlord of the Duel of Swords.

Rena's first challenge came from Baron Max Quinlan Blue. Rena chose to settle the matter in a best-of-three and saved her strongest effort for the final duel. Rena eked out a victory in the first match with a one point win that Max matched in the second. Rena put on a show for the spectators in the final match by using a six round shutout to secure her title as Overlord.

However, Rena's success would not extend to her second challenge. When the slaver and Baron of Old Market, Anubis Karos, challenged, all odds were in favor of the Slaver pulling out the victory. Although Rena managed to keep the duels tight throughout the challenge, Anubis was on top of his game and disposed of Rena in two matches.

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