The 62nd Overlord

Damien Mortis

After two nights of fierce dueling in the Spring Warlord Tournament, Damien Mortis emerged the winner and took first prize of the Intercession free Overlord challenge. In what was a very personal and bloody challenge that lasted through fourty-one rounds of dueling and nearly thirty-two total points, Damien was able to defeat Overlord Wilder in a best-of-three matchup.

The new Overlord received no rest as he was immediately challenged by the Baron of the Tenth, Grayson MacLeod. Overlord Mortis used the Baron of the First, Max Blue, to test his first challenger. Ironically enough, these two Barons were the first to declare their alignments to Overlord Mortis on the night of his victory over Karen. In a surprising move, the Baron retired his ring before stepping forward to duel Warlord Cassius Maximus who chose to intercede on behalf of the Baron. Max Blue failed to aid in the Overlord's defense by dropping into Cassius Maximus' final lunge.

The path was cleared for the challenger. The pair matched each other blow for blow through the first half of the match. Unfortunately for the challenger, the Overlord took control in the second half, scoring the final points needed to seal his first defense.

Amongst debate whether or not Gork was using the newly won Thirteenth ring merely as a "stepping stone", the month-old renegade Baron chose to use his right to press challenge to the Overlord shortly after Damien defended his title against Baron Grayson MacLeod. Overlord Mortis opted to test the Baron using the former Overlord and current warlord, Max Blue. A right of challenge match ensued as the warlord Farek stepped forward to meet the Overlord's tester. Max Blue took an early lead which he did not release and after a 5-2 win forced a Test of Worthiness.

The new Baron proved himself worthy of stepping into the ring with the Overlord by managing an eleven round win over the former Overlord.

He was not so lucky against the Overlord himself, however. In a short five round battle, the Overlord soundly defeated his second challenger by a final score of 5-1.

Next for Damien was the second place winner in the Spring cycle Warlord tournament, Drachen. Although not widely reported at the time, it was later learned that these two men, as well as Damien's close ally, Magnus Eques, had a long history together. On the night of the challenge, Drachen felt that Damien, Magnus, and Magnus' brother, Cletus Ganderfald, were attempting to ambush him in the challenge ring.

Drachen refused to step into the ring and gave up his right to challenge. However, soon after one of his henchmen took Baroness of Battlefield Park and Cletus' wife, Arane Ganderfald by knife point. Drachen then traded the Baroness' life for his own safe passage, the Overlord grant, and the right to test Damien's next challenger. Other than allowing Drachen a safe escape from the Arena that evening, Damien never honored the rest of arrangement as he felt he was tricked into it.

Damien again did not have long to wait for a challenge. However, this one would not make it into the ring yet again. The Baron of Dockside, Farek, issued his challenge and then inexplicably rescinded it and announced his retirement five days later.

Damien was just as intent to not see his next challenger enter the ring with him as well. Before the Baron of Seaside, Grayson MacLeod, was granted his audience with the Overlord, he was subjected to a Test of Worthiness administered by former Overlord Cletus Ganderfald. Not to be outdone, former Overlord Max Blue made certain that Grayson would step into the ring with the current Overlord. In a long eleven round match, Max was able to dispatch Cletus and clear the way for the main event.

The second duel of the evening was only slightly quicker, but carried the exact same result as the previous match. In a nine round, five to three duel, Damien's reign as Overlord ended.

Following the match, Damien was awarded Grayson's old Barony of Seaside.

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