The 60th Overlord

Anubis Karos

Anubis Karos' challenge to Cory Haviock was fueled by the desire to reclaim the mantle for Shakira's honor. Anubis had stood by Shakira's side throughout her reign, and was right beside her as she fell during combat with her enemy Xenograg. Anubis wanted to stress the fact that Shakira was undefeated when defending her title and show to the community that her reign would not be forgotten. Throughout the entire challenge, Anubis was clearly dominated and showed that he would be true to his word of reclaiming the title Shakira once held. It only took thirteen rounds, and two matches for Anubis to defeat Cory and claim the mantle as his own. His opening victory of 5-2 in five rounds was followed by a second win of 5-3 in eight rounds. Anubis did not regret his decision to challenge one of the few men he respected in the rings, and was eager to accept Cory's petition for a loyal alignment only a few days after he was crowned Overlord.

Anubis' first test came from the Winner of the Summer Warlord Tournament of 2004. Ekthbjlgke Smith battled through fourteen of his fellow Warlords to claim victory and the first place prize of the intercession free challenge to the Overlord. The two men settled on a best-of-three format, which in hindsight was more favorable to the Overlord. Ekthbjlgke caught Anubis off guard in the first match and inched closer to the title with a 5-4 in eight round victory. However, Anubis rallied back to shut out E in six rounds in the second match and squeak by with a 5-4 victory in nine rounds in the third and final match. By virtue of his two consecutive wins, Anubis defended his crown for the first time.

After his defense over E, Anubis bestowed his Overlord grant on the legendary sorcerer, Xenograg kathu-Darelir. The two men had reached an agreement that if Xenograg was victorious in his challenge for a Baron's ring, they would settle their bitter feud in the Overlord challenge ring. Their rivalry stemmed back to the days of Shakira, when Anubis fought side by side with her against the Sorcerer.

Xenograg was victorious and days later pressed his challenge to Anubis. In a quick seven round duel, Anubis was clearly dominant, holding Xeno scoreless for five total rounds. When the sawdust had settled Anubis was on the better end of the confrontation by a score of 5-2.

During a time when few challenges involved bad blood, the bitter notice of challenge which Karen Wilder posted to the boards brought the match a great deal of attention. The Warlady was disgusted by the Overlord's connections with Shakira and vowed that she would destroy him. Her first step, she declared, was challenging for his title. Her first obstacle was a stranger calling himself "Deathlord" who stepped in to test the Warlady. The Deathlord took an early 3-1 lead but that was the last point he was allowed to score. After pulling in four points in five rounds, Karen found herself in the ring with the Overlord himself. Fully warmed up, Karen wasted little time in completing her goal. After eight rounds and a 5-2 score, Karen Wilder took the mantle.

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