The 56th Overlord

Chris Graziano

Shortly after Tarl Cabot became Overlord, Chris Graziano challenged for the Crown. When Chris challenged, he stated that the times in the Arena were changing and that his group, "The Wrecking Crew", was going to take over. Chris talked a big game, and on the night that he and Tarl met, he backed up his words with his bat. It took Chris only two matches to overcome the Overlord and set "The Wrecking Crew" upon the throne. The first match against Tarl was a quick eight rounder that ended with a score of 5-3. The second was much closer, taxing both men to the limit. In a drawn out twelve rounds, Chris was able to stop Tarl's attack to become the Fifty-sixth Overlord of the Duel of Swords. The final score was 6-5.

Following his victory, Chris placed a message upon the cork saying that his ascension was only the beginning. He boasted that from now on, "The Wrecking Crew" would hold the Overlord seat. He stated that if one member were to be defeated, three or four would be right behind to reclaim the seat. Chris' words gained him few friends outside of his Crew, however inside the Crew, members were already working to back up Chris' boast. Cory Havoick claimed the Seventh ring, and numerous other Crew members quickly gained rank on their way to Warlord status.

Citing that she did not wish the Arena to be taken over by a group of "thugs", Baroness of the Third, Jaycynda Ashleana, was first to issue challenge to Chris. Jaycynda was a member of House Golden, a group who were quickly becoming rivals of the Wrecking Crew. House Golden stood in open opposition to the Crew, and Jaycynda sought to end the Crew's rise before it gained any steam.

Thus, it was no surprise that Chris had Jaycy tested, although the tester may have been a surprise to those attending. Chris chose his brother, swordsman Tony Graziano, to defend his crown. In response, Jaycy called for Max Blue to defend her right to challenge. The match between Max and Tony was close. It was tied at 3-3 until the eighth round, where Max was able to notch two quick points to close it out 5-3 in ten rounds. The last match of the night would last nearly as long, yet not be anywhere near as close. Four rounds into the main event, Chris had opened up a strong 4-0 lead. And although Jaycy held him off for four more rounds after that, the lead was too large for her to overcome and Chris won his first defense by a score of 5-1 in 9 rounds.

Next up for Chris was the winner of the Warlord's tournament, Max Quinlan Blue. In a surprising, and ultimately poorly chosen move, Chris opted for the challenge to be settled with a single duel.

The match stayed relatively close through its entirety with Max taking first blood and keeping the Overlord on his toes. Chris never did take a lead but did tie it up on two occasions, yet Max found his footing and pulled off the win with a score of 5-3 in ten rounds.

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