The 55th Overlord

Tarl Cabot

After going undefeated and winning the Warlord's Tournament, Tarl Cabot stated that the one thing he had never done in the Duel of Swords was hold the position of Overlord. Thus, he chose the intercession free challenge against the Overlord as his prize, and shortly after issued it to the Fifty-fourth Overlord, Cassius Maximius.

When the two met, it first looked as if Tarl would still be unable to write Overlord down on his dueling resume. After six shorts rounds, Cassius took the first match 5-0.5. The second match proceeded along the same lines, with Cassius building up an early lead. However, Tarl turned the tides and quickly tied the score up. As the duel stretched on to nine rounds, Tarl was able to strike Cassius one last time to take his first match, 5-4.

The final match of the evening stretched an equal number of rounds as the previous. With the exact same score of 5-4, Tarl was able to defeat Cassius and become the Arena's Fifty-fifth Overlord.

However, Tarl's reign would close to as long as his predecessor's. Baron of the Eleventh, Chris Graziano, challenged Tarl stating that a new era had begun, and that he was here to usher it in. Before the match, Tarl stated that he would not test an opponent he had not already defended the title against, and he was true to his word. The match was settled in a best-of-three format.

On that particular evening, Tarl was off his usually strong game, and dropped the first match 5-3 in eight rounds to Chris. In the second match, Tarl showed why he had faired so well in the tournament, rallying back from a two-point deficit. With the score knotted at 5-5, Chris was able to stop Tarl's advancing rush and close the match out in the twelfth round. Following the end of the challenge, Tarl joked, saying that he did not win a single match while holding the crown, and wished Chris better luck than he had.

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