The 54th Overlord

Cassius Maximius

Citing his actions against Jaycynda Ashleana unacceptable, Cassius Maximius issued challenge to Goon shortly before the Overlord's challenge free grace period. Goon opted to test Cassius and used a relative unknown named Bubbles to do so. Cassius asked Topaz Eludes to champion him, however Topaz was unable to overcome Bubbles. Where Topaz failed, Cassius succeeded. After being victorious over Bubbles, Cassius went on to face Goon, where he defeated the OverGoon in a close 5-4 match.

Nearly a month after becoming the Fifty-fourth Overlord, Cassius was set to face the Winner of the Warlord's tournament, Tarl Cabot. After the first match, it looked like Cassius would defend his crown. He easily handled Tarl in a short six round match that ended with a near shut out, and a score of 5-0.5. The second match continued along the same path, until Tarl was able to turn the tables and defeat Cassius 5-4 in nine rounds. The final match was also close, stretching to an equal nine rounds and ending in the exact same score. The outcome was also the same, and Tarl became the newest Overlord.

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