The 53rd Overlord


A little over one month after reaching the rank of Warlord, the big, goofy, and lovalbe Goon was runner up in the Warlord tournament. By default, his prize was the challenge to the Overlord, and Goon was quite eager to "make for lot big fight thing!"

Emotions were split as to which man to root for. Arithon was a popular, and well liked Overlord, but Goon was Goon. There were very few around who did not like Goon. When the evening of the challenge came, Goon was clearly the dominant force. In a very short six rounds, Goon was able to wrest the mantle from Arithon with a score of 5-2.

Goon's first challenge came relatively quick into his reign. The challenge came from the Baron of the Second, Tasslehofl Momus. Mysterious events surrounded Tasslehofl's decision to challenge, but they were not brought to light until after the match had ended.

Whatever the reasoning, Tass was forced to wait before stepping into the ring against Goon. Goon decided to use Matt Simon to test the Baron. In response, Baroness of the Fourth, Jaycynda Ashleana declared the test unwarranted and realigned to Renegade to step in on Tasslehofl's behalf. When the dust had settled, Jaycy defeated Matt, 5-1.5 in eight rounds, to clear the way for Tasslehofl's challenge to proceed.

Goon and Tass met in an equally short match. In a quick, but very close, eight rounds, Goon defeated his challenger by a score of 5-4.

His actions in his previous challenge led Goon to be challenged again immediately after the standings had been posted. The very woman who interceded against him in his last challenge, Jaycy Ashleana, challenged him. Once more Goon had his challenger tested, and this time it was done by Janella Vallonia. In response, Jaycy asked Harris D'Artainian to step in on her behalf. He agreed, and the test proceeded. During the match, loyal Baron Cassius Maximius realigned to renegade.

In a short eight rounds, Harris was able to dispatch Janella to allow Jaycy's challenge to proceed. The final score was 5-3. In the main event, the Overlord was able to take the early lead and never look back. After twelve rounds the crown was defended again. The score of this match was 6-4.5.

Once again Goon's actions in his previous challenge led to another challenge. Baron of the Ninth, Cassius Maximius challenged the OverGoon because he felt that Jaycynda should not have been tested. However, Goon chose to test his opponent yet again. This time it was with a complete unknown by the name of Bubbles. Cassius chose the Warlord Topaz Eludes to champion his cause. In an intense twelve round match, Bubbles dispatched Topaz with a score of 6-5, and thus forced Cassius to duel her.

The second match of the evening was much more lopsided. In ten rounds, Cassius proved his worthiness by defeating Bubbles with a score of 5-0.5. The final match of the evening finally pitted Goon against Cassius. In a very close match, Cassius narrowly defeated Goon in eight rounds to claim the mantle. The OverGoon's reign ended with a final score of 5-4. Goon took the Ninth ring after his defeat.

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