The 51st Overlord

Dalila of the Zann Esu

As runner up of the Winter Cycle Warlord tournament, Dalila of the Zann Esu was given the opportunity to challenge the 50th Overlord, The Blindfold Proxy. One of the motives behind Dalila's challenge was that she wished to investigate the recent occurrences of the failure of the Ward of Gondar. On the night of the challenge, there was no failure in Dalila's skill. In a quick two-match challenge, Dalila was able to wrest the crown away from the Proxy. She powered through the first match, ending it by a score of 5-1 in a quick eight rounds. The second match was more drawn out. In twelve rounds, Dalila was victorious, 6.5-5.

Following the challenge, there were no more reports of the failure of the Ward.

After her victory, Dalila began to generate interest in community activities. However, her reign was not to last long enough to follow through on some of her ideas. Shortly after gaining control of the crown, Warlord Arithon Falessen challenged Dalila for the crown. With the utmost respect on both ends, the two met in a best-of-three.

The first match went in favor of the challenger. Arithon only needed seven rounds to come out the victor, 5-3. Dalila rallied back in the second match. She was clearly dominating on her way to a 5-2 victory in nine rounds. Despite her fine showing in the second match, she was clearly outmatched in the finale. In seven rounds, the Warlord scored a 5-0 shut out to end Dalila's reign.

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