The 49th Overlord

Cletus Ganderfald

Baron of the Ninth, Cletus Ganderfald, pressed his challenge to Overlord Dalamar Ar'Daumon, despite Marzan DeBurgo's publicly stating his intent to challenge himself. Since Dalamar had just defended the title from Ticallion Carter, Marzan believed that he should be given time between his challenges. This was a sentiment Cletus did not echo, and he did not wait to issue his challenge.

With a sparse gathering in attendance, the Baron and Overlord set out to resolve their match for the Crown. However, before the two would meet in the ring, their seconds would. Dalamar elected to use his second, Baron of the Fifth, Sartan, in a Test of Worthiness against Cletus. Cletus' second, his brother and Warlord, Magnus Eques, stepped forward to defend Cletus' right to challenge. After the first three rounds, Magnus had built a small 2-0 lead. It was a lead that Sartan was unable to overcome. Seven rounds later, Magnus had successfully defeated the Test of Worthiness for Cletus, with a score of 5-3 in ten rounds, and ensured that Cletus would now get to face Overlord Dalamar.

Their match proved to be a very entertaining event. Cletus was quick to strike first, but Dalamar was just as quick to tie it back up. After three rounds, the two remained deadlocked at two. Dalamar dominated the next two rounds. By using an adroit defensive maneuver, countered with a quick offensive strike, he was able to pull away to a two-point lead. After halting Dalamar's momentum, Cletus was able to mount a desperate comeback, using a combination of defense and offense, which eventually tied the match at four. One round later, Cletus stepped around and countered Dalamar's defense to become the Forty-Ninth Overlord of the Duel of Swords. The final score was 5-4 in nine rounds. Cletus awarded Magnus Eques the Ninth ring for defending his right to challenge.

Cletus' first and only challenge came from the winner of the third quarter Warlord Tournament, the proxy dueler for the Blindfold Establishment. Cletus opted for the best-of-three format and each match was tight. There was never more than two points separating the duelists from each other. The first two matches were tied at 4-4. The Blindfold proxy was victorious in the first match by a score of 5-4 in nine rounds. Cletus rebounded and won the second match 5-4 in eleven rounds. The proxy took the third and final match, 5-3 in eight rounds. Thus, the reign of the 49th Overlord came to an early end.

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