The 48th Overlord

Dalamar Ar'Daumon

For months before his challenge with Sartan, the man behind the hood was shrouded in mystery. His darkened face and raspy voice concealed his true identity. However, after defeating Sartan 5-4 in eight rounds to become the Forty-eighth Overlord, the hood was pulled back. The fiery red hair that was revealed surprised the crowd who had attended the match, but left his identity secret no longer. The longest reigning Overlord in the history of the Duel of Sword, Dalamar Ar'Daumon, had reclaimed the title many thought he died defending years ago. Sartan was quick to take the Fifth and declare his loyalty, as were Verceterix Favre and Nova Grey Shadow. Long time rival Magnus Eques, as well as Var Medici-Giovanni and Unagi Miyamoto declared themselves renegade to the returning Overlord. They were the only six Barons in attendance that evening.

Dalamar wrote an address to the community later that night, vowing to be a regular face in the Arena. In the weeks following his return, many old Warlords also returned, including many time Baron and long time friend of Dalamar, Jeffrey Oakenshield.

Unlike Dalamar's first reign where challenges were abundant, his second reign began with nearly a five-month layoff before his first challenge. The third place winner in the second quarter's Warlord Tournament of '02, Ticallion Carter, said he was going to choose the challenge as his prize no matter what place he took, despite that fact that there were two Baron's rings up for grabs in the tournament. Dalamar chose the best-of-three format, and Ticallion agreed that it would be the best means to settle the challenge.

The first match was the most lopsided of the evening. It was apparent that Ticallion was jittery as he stepped into the ring, and Dalamar took advantage. In a quick nine rounds, Dalamar took the first match with a score of 5-2. Immediately following the match, Ticallion stated that he never expected to be victorious, but he wished to meet the Overlord to ask him for a favor. Before that favor could be asked however, the second match began.

Ticallion looked to have settled down, opening up an early lead. Dalamar was able to tie that lead, however in the end, it was Tical who took the second match in thirteen rounds, by a score of 6-5. The final match of the evening was also the quickest. Tical once more opened up the early 2-1 lead, but then Dalamar proved why he had reigned so long in his first tour of duty. In four short rounds, Dalamar was able to real off three quick points and dispose of Ticallion. Following the match, Ticallion revealed that the favor he sought was to be trained in the Duels under Dalamar's supervision. There has been no word on weather or not that request was granted.

But Dalamar's second reign was perhaps destined not to last as long as his first. Immediately after Dalamar's defense against Ticallion, Baron of the Ninth, Cletus Ganderfald, pressed challenge to the crown. As was expected by everyone in attendance, and even joked about by the Overlord and challenging Baron, Dalamar used his right to issue a Test of Worthiness against Cletus. Dalamar asked his second and Baron of the Fifth, Sartan, to duel. Warlord Magnus Eques then stepped forward to champion Cletus' challenge.

Magnus took the early lead in the second round, and was able to hold of Sartan for the remainder of the match. After ten rounds, Magnus was victorious by a score of 5-3, and paved the way for Cletus to step into the ring with Dalamar.

The match was every bit as close as many had expected. After the first three rounds, the two stood tied at two. But that was not to last as Dalamar quickly struck twice to take the two point lead. After the only non-scoring round of the match, Cletus made a desperate rally, and in three quick rounds, was able to turn the tide of the match and defeat the Arena's most skilled Overlord of all time. Though not as long as his first reign, his second proved that the Legend was still alive and had returned with every bit of his skill.

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