The 46th Overlord

Ralez Rastlin

As the winner of the last Warlord Tournament of '01, Ralez Raistlin chose as his prize the intercession free challenge against the Overlord. He wasted little time in using it, or in disposing of the previous Overlord, Seamus. With a score of 5-2 in nine short rounds, Ralez was crowned the forty-sixth Overlord of the Duel of Swords.

Ralez reign however was destined not to last. Less than two weeks after taking the crown, Ralez met his first challenger. Warlord Sartan was the challenger, and although it had been a long while since he had stepped into the challenge ring, his skill was not to be denied. Sartan quickly opened out to a 4-1 lead in the first match of a best-of-three series, but then Ralez proved why he had placed high in the Warlord tournament. With a quick series of strikes, Ralez closed the gap and tied the score up at four. That comeback ended in the tenth round by a swift strike from Sartan's blade.

The second match began in the same way the first one did. Sartan once again climbed out to a quick 4-1 lead. After Ralez scored to bring himself within two, Sartan's health seemed to be deteriorating. Ralez requested a pause in the match for Sartan to recover. It was granted, but the match was quickly resumed at the Warlord's request. Shortly thereafter, Sartan landed a direct hit to close the match, and thus end Ralez's short reign.

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