The 44th Overlord

Cletus Ganderfald

After the gypsy Jaycynda Ashleana took the throne, rumors were rampant as to the amount of challengers awaiting her. Those rumors were not to be proven false either as, on the very first night Jaycy's challenge immunity ran out, five-time Baron and holder of the Thirteenth, Cletus Ganderfald pressed immediate challenge. The night the two met would prove a first for the Duel of Swords. Minutes before the match was slated to begin, Warlord Jesse Troyan announced that he wanted to duel, and Jaycy obliged, allowing him to administer a Test of Worthiness. As if expecting such to happen, Cletus remained seated as Warlord Evan Rush Rynth approached the ring to meet Jesse. Evan would go on to become the victor, ending the test and clearing Cletus' challenge to proceed by a score of 5-2 in six rounds. Jaycy and Cletus' match was just as quick, ending with a 5-1 score in eight rounds for the challenger. Following the match, Evan was awarded the Thirteenth by Cletus for his service, becoming the first man to claim a ring in such a manner, and Cletus was named the 44th Overlord of the Duel of Swords.

Women seemed to like challenging Cletus, and his first challenge as Overlord proved no exception. When Baron of the 12th, Elissa Morgan issued challenge to Cletus, it made five, out of the eight total challenges he had recieved previously, from females. The opening match of the best-of-three series was completely dominated by Ellisa. She held Cletus at bay for six rounds to record a shut out. In the second match, Cletus was held scoreless for another six rounds, only this time Ellisa wasn't able to capitalize on Cletus' lack of production. After scoring five points in her first six rounds, she was only able to muster one point in the second six rounds. This lack of scoring allowed Cletus to sieze the lead two rounds later and quickly extend said lead to a full two points. Ellisa would battle back to tie the match at three, but in the end, it was the Overlord who took the match by a final of, 5-4 in thirteen rounds. The final match was not nearly as close as the second one. Cletus took the early lead and never looked back, ending Ellisa's hopes of becoming Overlord, 5-2 in seven rounds.

Hot behind Ellisa was the winner of the second quarter Warlord's tournament (of '01), Dustin Manjahcapery. Cletus and Dustin met in one single match to determine who would be the Overlord at the night's end. The match was close throughout, with neither man able to extend a lead to more than a full point. Painful blows were exchanged by the T and Hralfgar, until the match stood at five points a piece. With the title on the line, Cletus was able to stab cleanly over Dustin's failed low swing, thus defending his crown by a score of 6-5 in twelve rounds.

The third challenger to step forth and attempt to dethrone Cletus was Baron of the 4th ring, the Templar Knight, Karen Wilder. These two had previously met almost a year prior in a challenge situation, only then, the roles were reversed. It was Cletus challenging and Karen defending, which she did with a very impressive showing. This time however, it would be Cletus coming out on the winning end. After losing the first match of their best-of-three by a score of 5-2 in seven rounds, the Overlord rallied back to defeat the challenger in the next two matches. With two 5-2 victories, one in eight rounds and the other in ten, Cletus ensured his continued reign as the 44th Overlord.

Cletus' reign would end a little over five months after it began, at the hands of the man who won the Intercession free match in the Third Quarter Warlord's Tournament of '01, Seamus Mac Donnaugh. The two fought in the best-of-three style. Cletus took the first match easily, handing Seamus a 5-2 loss in eight rounds. The second duel was the exact opposite outcome. Seamus won in the same amount of rounds, with the exact same score. Cletus opened strong in the final match, pulling out to an early 3-2 lead. That would be the extent of Cletus' scoring however. In the final three rounds, Seamus scored three unanswered points to defeat Cletus and take the title of Overlord for himself.

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