The 43rd Overlord

Jaycy Ashleana

For placing third in the first quarter (of '01) Warlord Tournament, Jaycynda Ashleana took home the prize of an intercession free match against Overlord Lucian. Despite the two being somewhat involved, Jaycy still felt she should use the prize she had earned by besting her peers.

The match itself would prove to be grueling for both fighters. Lucian offered the best-of-three format, Jaycy accepted, and all three matches would need to be dueled before a winner would be declared. The first match was a barn burner, extending a full twelve rounds. Jaycy took the lead midway through the match, but Lucian fought back to tie it up at three, and then again at four. However, Jaycy took the final point by avoiding the Overlord's defense. The second match was quite a different story. This time it was Lucain taking the early lead and never looking back. After eight rounds, he walked away with a 5-2 victory. With the crown on the line, the two stepped forward to meet each other one last time. After nine rounds, the score was tied at three. It was then that Jaycy buckled down and landed two quick blows to take the title of the 43rd Overlord of the Duel of Swords. She won the final match, 5-3 in eleven rounds.

A line quickly formed and bets were taken as to who would bring challenge to the new Overlady first. The man who got his challenge in first was Baron of the 13th, Cletus Ganderfald. The speculation as to weather or not the Baron would be tested was brought to a halt as, on the night of the challenge, Jaycynda asked former Baron, Jesse Troyan, to test Cletus. Cletus was prepared and asked Evan Rush Rynth to champion his cause. Evan and Jesse met in a quick and bloody match. In the end, Cletus would never face the test as Evan disposed of Jesse, 5-2 in six rounds.

After words were exchanged between the Baron and Overlady, the two met in the ring to settle their differences. After the first three rounds, the score was tied at zero. Cletus then went on to score five points in a row to defeat Jaycy by a final of 5-1 in eight rounds. As was his right, Cletus awarded Evan with the Thirteenth ring, and Jaycy was returned to the rank of Warlord.

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