The 41st Overlord

Daegarth Mithmellon

After an outstanding showing in the third quarter Warlord Tourney, Daegarth Mithmellon took as his prize the right to challenge the Overlady Taylara Tyree. The Shadow Sorcerer wasted little time in utilizing his hard-won prize, and on the night of challenge stood ready with the Phoenix Blade in hand, Lyon T'Gar as his Second, and Calenmir Landstar as his Lady of Honor. The Overlady dueled without a Lord of Honor, dueling instead, oddly enough, for the honor of her opponent. Her Second was Baron Unagi Miyamoto, and the mithril longsword Melan Megills was honed and ready.

First point went to the Overlady's deft defense, and for eight rounds she managed to keep the Warlord one step behind her. But one point is not a great lead, particularly against a proven swordsman of Daegarth's skill. In the last rounds he struck two decisive blows, becoming the 41st Overlord with a 5-4 victory in ten rounds.

The new Overlord then declared all Barons under him would be Renegade. While not an original ruling, it certainly caused quite a stir. Two Barons, Ellisa Morgan and Lucian, stood against the ruling, declaring themselves Loyal, and were listed as such in the Standings. The Overlord then wrote to all Barons, the Standings Keeper, and the Supervisor reiterating his decision. The question of whether or not the Overlord could Banish an unaligned Baron was debated for some time. Finally, it was ruled that the Overlord's right to realign any Baron at any time meant just that. However, since that realignment must be done in writing, the Banishment was official at the point that the Overlord sent his missive. All Barons who were, at that time, either unaligned or Loyal were considered Banished, with the rights of a Banished Baron.

One challenge had already been issued to the Overlord, from Baron Sartan. Since, however, the Baron had declared himself Renegade before the letter of Banishment, his challenge was held secondary to that of banished Baron Lucian.

Lucian and Daegarth met in a single duel to determine who would hold the crown at the night's end. Despite an extremely close match, Lucian managed to pull away at the end and end Daegarth's reign with a score of 5-4 in nine rounds.

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