The 37th Overlord

Long Wang Lo

Warlord Long Wang Lo came away from the third quarter Warlord Tourney with a free shot at the Overlord. Less than a month later, he came away from 5-2 victory against Magnus Eques as the 37th Overlord of the Duel of Swords. His reign promised to be unsteady from the first, as almost the entire Baron's Council declared themselves Renegade, either not familiar enough with the man to claim Loyalty or questioning points of honor in his behavior.

One Renegade Baron, Avery Shiv Blade of the Twelfth, did more than just declare his allignment. He also declared challenge to the new Overlord. Ten days after taking the title, Long stood in the ring to defend it. For most of the match he kept the score tied, but in the end he proved to be outmatched, losing 5-3 in nine rounds. The dethroned Overlord declined to take the Twelfth ring, and lacking the wins to keep a Warlord's rank, Long was placed in the standings as a Grand Master.

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