The 35th Overlord

Gunthar O'Dwyer

Winning two close matches in a best-of-three challenge gave Warlord Gunthar O'dwyer the much-sought title of Overlord. But the newest Overlord was not widely popular, a trait that typically makes for a short reign. This proved the case for Gunthar.

Only hours before the challenge-free twenty-four days before a Warlord Tourney, the Baron of the Thirteenth, Magnus Eques, placed his challenge to Overlord Gunthar. This challenge was fought in a best-of-three style, and the first match clearly belonged to the Baron with a decisive 5-1 score in seven swift rounds. In the second match the Overlord found his footing again, and for the first half he lead well. But the Baron was not done yet, making up the lost ground and keeping the score tied for several rounds. Then a quick defense followed by a quicker strike decided all, as Magnus took the second match 5-3 in fourteen, and with it the Overlordship. Gunthar declined to take the Thirteenth Ring, and it joined four others as prizes in the upcoming Warlord Tourney.

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