The 34th Overlord

Zen Rising

Of the thirteen Barons serving at the time Agrenish Preescot retired the Overlordship, Jeff Oakenshield, Var Medici-Giovanni, Daelin Dragonblade, and Simini chose not to vie for the crown. The remaining nine Barons met for two nights of round-robin style fighting to determine the Supreme Dueler of the DoS.

There was no elimination; every Baron was in the Tourney for the entire length, and every Baron faced every other. The best of Swords were out in full force, and matches ranged from a swift and viscious 5-2 win in five rounds to a grueling ninteen rounds with a 7-6 final score. This marathon match was the only one out of eight Baron of the 4th Zen Rising would lose. With that astonishing 7-1 overall record, Zen was named the 34th Overlord of the Duel of Swords.

Baron of the Eighth Methous had intended to challenge almost immediately upon gaining the ring, but was first faced with a challenge of his own. He was then talked into withdrawing his challenge to Zen entirely by Warlord Gunthar O'dwyer, who proceeded then to challenge the Overlord on his own. There were several calls for the Warlord to be Tested, but on the night of the challenge Zen chose to face Gunthar in a best-of-three challenge. The two duels which were met were hard-fought by both, and in both the win was taken by a single stroke, with a 5-4 score. Both times that stroke belonged to Gunthar, in the tenth and eigth rounds respectively, and a new Overlord was crowned.

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