The 32nd Overlord

Unagi Miyamoto

Since Dalamar's record-setting reign had ended four months previously, the Duel of Swords had been averaging a new Overlord a month. Unagi Miyamoto's reign began when he challenged Dexter Montoya on the heels of his first defense. Overlord Montoya opted for the near-obsolete one-shot match in facing this challenger, and in that one duel Unagi dominated. Six quick and bloody rounds into it, a new Overlord was crowned with an impressive 5-2 victory.

Almost immediately upon gaining the crown, Overlord Unagi was protected by the no-challenge period before a Warlord Tourney. The victor of that Tourney, recently-returned Kaprielle d'Argent, chose to face Unagi for the right to the crown. But the Overlord was about to break the one-a-month trend of Overlord replacement. In a perfect 5-0 in five rounds shutout, Miyamoto successfully defended his title of Overlord.

Warlord Agrenish Preescot, one of the more agressive and beligerent duelers in the Arena, was next to face Miyamoto for a shot at the crown. The Overlord chose to test the Challenger, and in an unusual turn chose for his Champion a Grand Master (or Mistress), Banda. Baron Rix Favre stepped in on behalf of the Challenger. In a duel that went an incredible seventeen rounds, both showed their skill to the fullest before Rix's final thrust opened the way for Agrenish to face Unagi.

The match between Overlord and Warlord was not nearly so tense. With a decisive mix of expert defense and timely attacks, Agrenish delt Unagi a harsh defeat, 5-1 in seven rounds, and the Duel of Swords had a new Overlord once more.

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