The 30th Overlord

Cristian de Oro

Baron of the First Cristian de Oro challenged the 29th Overlord immediately after the results of Eros's previous defense were posted. His issue, quite simply, was the Overlord's behavior in the rings, which the Baron felt sorely lacking in discipline and respect. It was the only best-of-three match Eros ever faced in his reign that went all three bouts; it was also the one that took his crown. With no ill will against his defeator, the new Baron of the First declared himself Loyal to the 30th Overlord.

Cristian had the dubious characteristic of being the first Overlord with less than fifteen wins-over-losses, opening him to challenge from every Baron, Loyal, Renegade, or Neutral. The first to issue challenge, however, was the Warlord Condextint "Dexter" Montoya. Two weeks to the day after taking the crown, Cris stepped into the ring to defend it in a best-of-three match.

The match never went three duels. Despite valiant efforts, Cris was only able to gain the lead once out of both matches. A skillfull combination of attacks and defenses allowed Dex to quickly and efficiently win the first duel 5-2 in ten rounds, and the second 5-3 in seven, becoming the 31st Overlord of the Duel of Swords.

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