The 27th Overlord


The Cleric began his second reign as Overlord when he took prize in a Warlord Tourney and challenged Kalamere. Not long after taking the title, he received challenge from the Fanciless Warlord Sau Bau. Sau's convictions held throughout, but could not carry him through the Test of Worthiness Athlstan put him to. The Overlord chose as his Champion a face long-unseen around the Arena, so long in fact that many at the challenge questioned if the Champion was even a Warlord. But the man known as Sloth Shaman proved his time away had not dulled his skills, and his victory over Sau guaranteed Athlstan's continued reign.

Not long after this, a tragic series of events, long building, cost the Overlord his right arm. The elven-queen Luthien was being forced into a death-match for the continued protection of the Ward of Gondar by the Guardian of the Ward, an entity calling itself Vol de Morta, and her opponent in this was to have been Athlstan himself. But Luthien, for a moment driven beyond all caution in a desperate need to have the situation done with, attacked outside the ring and severed the Cleric's arm at the shoulder. This disqualified him as Luthien's opponent for the coming match, but not as Overlord.

(As a side note, Sloth was later seen dueling with the Overlord's severed arm in place of his usual pointy stick, accompanied by all the usual bad puns which seem to be the Shaman's forte. No one ever said all the oldtimers are doleful and studious.)

Soon enough Athlstan faced challenge again, this time from Lord Dalamar Ar'Daumon. Out of consideration for the Overlord's handicap, as well as a desire to truly test himself, Dal offered fought blindfolded. The match was best-of-three, and Dal took the first and second by 5-2 and 5-1 respectively.

But Athlstan's most historic and heroic act was yet to come. After the death match to appease the bloodthirsty Guardian of the Ward, where his second Prudence O'Shaunessy fought--and died--in his place, Athlstan surrendered his physical form to battle with Vol de Morta directly. His help in this came from long-time friends Raven and Iain MacKenzie, who channelled spiritual energy to the former Overlord for this ultimate battle. The energy, drawn by Raven from his god, became so great that the ring and all within were obscured. When the brilliance cleared at last, both Raven and Iain were down, the latter trapped within armour now white-hot. Of the demon Vol there was no sign, and the now-discorporate Athlstan was Guardian of the Ward.

A final note: Among the banners of the Overlords which hang in the Arena, the Abbemere banner is missing, and a curse lies on any who would replace it. Also, according to eyewitness account, Athlstan yet dwells in the flesh with his bride Brantee beyond the magical hedge which surrounds the ruins of Abbemere, and his presence is often manifest at Tourneys or Challenges which may take his interest. He has since passed the Guardianship of the Ward to Auritan, bearer of the Stone of Earth and its healing powers.

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