The 26th Overlord

Kalamere Ar'Din

Kalamere's challenge to Leto Covington came as his right as second-place winner of the Warlord Tourney (the first-place winner Damien Cetran having taken custody of the Fourth Ring), and as such was free from the Test of Worthiness the King of Covington had used on his prior two opponents. His victory granted him the title of Overlord for a second time, a rare accomplishment indeed.

Almost immediately upon taking the crown, Kal faced challenge for it, from Renegade Baroness Ellisa Morgan. Originally the Baroness had intended to challenge his predecessor, but the Tourney delayed her chance. Kalamere faced off against the Renegade with the skill which had long held him a dueler of high esteem. Though an official record of the duel's length and score is lacking, it is believed Kal defended himself in only seven rounds, and shut out the Baroness.

The Warlord Damon Black stepped forth next to challenge Kalamere's right to the throne. Kal's long and steadfast opinion against the Test of Worthiness for Barons did not extend to Warlords, and this Warlord discovered what a gauntlet the Test could be. He faced Loyal Baron Billy Ray Karnifexx, champion to many Overlords before. Their duel ran fourteen hard rounds, won in the end by a disengage by the Baron and an 8-7 score.

As he entered, so did he leave. Kalamere's third and final challenge came from the Warlord Athlstan, second-place winner of the Warlord Tourney. As with Kal when he challenged, skill was not a question for Athlstan, as only supreme skill can bring a dueler through a Warlord Tourney to claim the prize. The two met and fought with all the honor that could be wished from such long-standing duelers, and in the end Kalamere passed title to Athlstan.

After his defeat, Kalamere swore he would not challenge for Overlord again until two years had passed and he had taken a Barony. A long time to wait, but those who love the sport wait eagerly to see this respected dueler step forth once more in a bid for the throne, wondering if he can do what only one other has done before; take the crown three times.

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