The 24th Overlord

Alais 'd Nitesong Sidhe

The Lady Alais was the fifth challenger to face the six-month reigning Overlord Athlstan. Her reign, though less than a month, was still subject to the political upheaval that has plagued so many. The issue first began when rumors were voiced that Alais had not come by her title in fair combat; the claim was in private discussion between herself and Athlstan it had been arrainged for the Overlord to throw the best-of-three bout. The charges were unequivicably denied by both parties, but rumors die hard. In the end, to allow the Overlady the chance to prove her worthiness, Warlord Leto, king of Covington, issued challenge to her.

When the particulars of the challenge were announced, another small storm ensued. Loyal Baron Jeffrey Oakenshield was to stand as Second for the Overlady's challenger, an act that was pointed out to be disloyal. Alais therefore banished the Baron to Renegade, much to his fury. In his own defense Jeff claimed he had offered his blade to the Overlady first, being declined, he was free to stand by his king without compromise to that oath. With Leto's approval and support, Jeff issued his own challenge to Alais, but then rescinded later the same week and accepted his banishment, with the hope of one day being accepted by Alais as Loyal again.

Alais was never able to offer that oportunity. Less than a month after she had taken the crown, Leto defeated her in a best-of-three challenge, and ended the 24th Overlady's reign.

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