The 23rd Overlord


Swift challenges to those with a new title are not a recent issue. Little more than a week after Daegarth Mithmellon became Overlord to the Duel of Swords, he was challenged by Renegade Baron Athlstan and removed. By contrast, Athlstan's reign was to be one of the longest ever recorded, a full six months plus.

A Warlord Tourney loomed not long after, and the second-place winner of that Tourney, Rennor was the Cleric's first challenger. The Cleric's reign had only begun however, and he defeated Rennor to retain his title.

Renegade Baron of the Second Wicked Deth was next to raise his blade against the Overlord, but he was never to have the chance to stand or fall by the Cleric's blade. Loyal Baron of the First Billy Ray Karnafexx interceded on the Overlord's behalf and defeated the Renegade's challenge.

Two weeks later the Baron of the Fifth, Elijah Basia-Uhr, realligned himself Renegade and challenged the Overlord. This challenge Athlstan met himself, and successfully defended his title. The Baron was determined, though, that he should end the night a Baron no more. When his bid for the crown failed, he retired the ring and left the duels.

After this the Cleric has a respite of over a month before taking to the ring against Warlord Raiyko Hideo. The "wee slip of an elfling" proved unable to overcome Athlstan, and his reign was secure still.

A Warlord Tourney offered another rest for the Overlord, and this one proved longer than the usual 24 challenge-free days. Jo Kicklen Elbinknyght was the challenger that came out of that Tourney, and issued his challenge, but never set time or date to meet. After a month his challenge was recinded.

Four days shy of a six-month reign, Athlstan received his final challenge, from Warlady Alais 'd Nitesong Sidhe. When the challenge was met, the Overlord faced the Warlady in the newly-created best-of-three style. Alais took the first match, Athlstan the second. The third and final round proved the end of Athlstan's reign, and Alais became the 24th Overlady of the Duel of Swords.

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