The 21st Overlord

Martigan Crow

When Gnimish Gnimoi retired as Overlord, the Barons were assembled for a Tourney to fill the vacant title. Martigan Crow, protector of the realm of Clatterbridge, won that Tourney, only thirteen days after he had become Baron of the Second Ring.

First challenge to the Overlord's reign came as a result of the first quarter Warlord Tourney, in the form of new Warlord Tukros. But the skill which gave him second place in the Warlord Tourney proved no match for that which made Martigan victor of the Barons Tourney. After ten rounds Martigan retained his title with a 5-3 score.

Renegade Baron of the Ninth Daegarth Mithmellon is the only other recorded challenge against Martigan. So after a reign as Overlord impressively longer than his previous one as Baron, Martigan became a Baron once more, taking the Ninth when its bearer defeated him in honorable combat for the title Overlord.

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