The 15th Overlord


Xenograg kathu-Darelir was one of the many participants in the Warlord tournament that first introduced the original nine Baronial rings. Although his tenth place showing did not earn him one of the new titles, it did earn him the honor of becoming the highest-ranking Warlord. By virtue of being in that position, Xeno challenged MadMadMax for the Overlord title.

Max was quick to declare Xeno unworthy to challenge him, thus shifting the tide of public opinion toward the challenger.

Before Xeno could step into the ring with Max, Xeno's former student, Siera Redwin, stepped forward to perform a test of worthiness on Xeno. In a true display of skill, Xeno defeated his former student, and then Max to claim the crown for a third time.

After Xeno's victory, Baron of the Fifth, Kalamere Ar'Din declared himself renegade. He did this under the reasoning that he could not give his loyalty to someone that has never bested him in the ring. Xeno accepted the validity of Kalamere's reasoning, and thus waived his right to a champion when Kalamere challenged.

After Kalamere defeated Xeno, Xeno claimed the Fifth ring and declared himself renegade to the new Overlord.

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